Hengshui, Hebei: How far are they from home this Spring Festival?

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They are the builders and guardians of Hengshui. They are far away from home in the Spring Festival of reunion, but they are the people who go against the trend of returning home. They choose to stick to their posts and spend the Spring Festival in Hengshui.River flow day and night, generous song weiyang.The Spring Festival is coming again. In the strong atmosphere of celebration and reunion, there are a group of foreigners in Hengshui who are far away from home. They give up the most solemn opportunity to get together with their relatives every year, silently stick to their posts and stride forward towards the beautiful vision of the New Year in their work.They are the most ordinary and the most extraordinary people in life, doctors, police, city managers…These indispensable lovely and respectable “non-returnees” guard the “return” of more people with their own “non-returnees”.They cherish the miss of their relatives, so that adhere to become the most beautiful scenery of the Spring Festival.Because of their persistence, we have a peaceful reunion atmosphere and warm feelings…Everyone wants to go home, but not everyone can go home, because there are social order needs to be maintained, it is tens of millions of people with tens of thousands of times of adherence, just to support more people every reunion.The most beautiful way in the world is the way home.In the long road and time flowing, there is always a responsibility and mission of thunder, people dare not forget.Ten thousand lights, ten thousand reunion, thank you have been in!Li Qiqi 24 years old Hengshui Fire rescue Detachment Ronghua Street special Service Station fire rescue squad monitor Native place: Jining, Shandong Province Distance: 350 kilometers raise troops for a thousand days, use soldiers for a while.In the physical quality examination table of the secret Service station, he ranked first in the items of double bar arm bending and extension, hanging ladder to the fourth floor, climbing rope to the fourth floor, and horizontal bar rolling body.With the coming of the Spring Festival, all of them cancelled their holidays and entered the state of war readiness.Pregnant spouse, aging parents…He’s the monitor. He has to set an example.Han Xue 29 years old Hengshui Hengtong Heating Company monitoring Center technician Native place: Cangzhou Yanshan 190 kilometers away from winter heating, involving thousands of families.Every heating season, that’s when she’s busiest.Her parents, lover and children are all in Yanshan. She hasn’t been home for nearly half a year. She misses her family and frets her liver.She buried her miss in her heart and stuck to her job.The real-time temperature of one heat exchange station jumped out on the computer. In this reunion day, she thought that she would use her own efforts to send warmth to the reunion people in the cold winter.Qian Mingyou 34 years old Hengshui Railway Station passenger operator Native Place: Xingtai Qinghe Distance: 100 kilometers Rich or poor, home for the Spring Festival.Under the influence of this traditional concept, the Spring Festival Travel rush has become a unique cultural phenomenon in China.It is his duty to watch the Spring Festival travel rush and let the passengers arrive safely at their destinations.During the day, he answers questions and offers help to passengers at the station reception desk. At night, he organizes passengers to get on and off the train in an orderly manner on the platform.In his mind, there is no concept of Chinese New Year, every day in strict accordance with the schedule to go to and from work.Have you prepared all the goods for the Spring Festival at home? He does not know which of the upcoming buses will have key passengers in need of help. He knows very well.Zhao Shijie 47 Years old Hengshui City Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Comprehensive law Enforcement Detachment Native Place: Shanxi Yuncheng 650 kilometers away from a city’s appearance, testing the work ability of urban management functional departments.The ability level of a team is inseparable from the efforts of each member.He is always fighting in the front line of the street law enforcement, standardize the operation of stores along the street, guide the mobile street vendors into the market operation……Their work became more and more detailed and complicated.He is a retired soldier, separated from his hometown by mountains and water, he has not been home for three years, the heart is very sad.In order to shoulder the responsibility and mission, he chose to stay in the team, to join the Spring Festival duty preparation ranks.Huang Wei 35 years old Hengshui Power Supply Company control Center technician Native place: Chongqing Longevity Distance: 1500 kilometers Where he works, he is the heart of the city’s power grid, shoulder real-time monitoring of power grid operation, scientific distribution of power supply load, to deal with various emergencies and other responsibilities.With the big screen flashing on the wall and the four computers lined up on the workbench, his work was repetitive and monotonous, but never careless.During the Spring Festival, it is an important task for them to ensure the normal supply of electricity.I haven’t been back to Chongqing for 3 years, but I still have to spend the Spring Festival in the control room this year. For the safe and stable operation of the power grid, he thinks it is worth it!Li Zhe 25 years old Heping Road Police Station Native Place: Cangzhou, Hebei Distance: 100 kilometers He is an unmarried young man, with a heart full of hot pillow, in taocheng Public Security bureau put on police uniform was divided in the grassroots police station.The old police told him that the people’s police shoulder is to protect the peace of the people’s burden.During the Spring Festival, they are not only on duty 24 hours a day, but also on duty at key prevention and control sites such as expressways, railway stations and quarantine points.He said to be in the blood of youth, worthy of the badge on his head.Yao Hao, 35 years old, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeon of Hengshui People’s Hospital Native Place: Huanggang, Hubei Distance: 910 km After he graduated from Hebei Medical University with a master’s degree, he came to Hengshui with his zaoqiang wife to set up home, he is hengshui’s “son-in-law”.Eight years after he came to Hengshui, his presence in the ward and on the operating table has given confidence to colleagues and hope to countless patients.He once did not hesitate to come forward on the way to work, with the medical knowledge learned, saved the life of the elderly fainted in the street, life is worthy of the “most beautiful doctor”.I think of my parents all the more on a fair festival dayThinking of his family in his hometown, he decided to stay in Hengshui and go to work as usual during the Spring Festival. There were still many patients waiting for him.Source: Hengshui News Network