Deqing reported the activity track of one contact person, including the contact information of all epidemic prevention and control reports in the county

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On February 2, deqing County CDC in Zhaoqing City received feedback from Gaoming District CDC in Foshan City. One close contact was in Yuecheng Town district of Deqing County.After receiving the report, the county immediately carried out tracing to the source of the flow, and implemented control measures for the close contacts, secondary close contacts and key groups, and carried out environmental sample sampling and terminal disinfection.At present, relevant control measures have been implemented for close contacts, sub-close contacts and key groups, and nucleic acid test results are negative.The main movement track of the close contact in Deqing County is as follows: on January 31, 2022, he took an online taxi and returned to the State owned non-staple food store in The Market of Yuecheng Town town, Deqing County at about 11:52, and stayed in the store until about 12:55;Walk home from the store (No. 55-2, Beisheng First Street, Yuecheng Town) at about 13:00, have lunch by yourself and sleep in your room;I did not go out again that day, and had dinner at home with 3 family members.February 1: Stay at home all day.February 2nd, from home to 12:00 call personnel.Deqing County CDC reminds you to contact the contact person from 11:52 on January 31, 2022 to 12 on February 2:00 during market and yue yue in deqing county town fair town town north – activities trajectory intersection of the street, take the initiative to do personal protection, and report to the village (community), unit, to the village (community) to prepare as soon as possible, actively cooperate with the implementation of the relevant prevention and control measures, and will be the nearest coronavirus nucleic acid sample testing, ensure people’s health and safety.Yu Qiuliang Deqing County Center for Disease Control and Prevention to remind the general public:1. Please within 14 days from shenzhen, dongguan, huizhou, meizhou and heyuan, yunfu outbreak in the city or from high-risk areas (back) to persons, and cases of activity track intersection, guangdong kang code for the “code red” or “yellow code” personnel, or informed the relevant departments for the contact person, contact person, don’t go, don’t friends, not to crowd gathered area,Please report to your village (community), employer and hotel as soon as possible, and actively cooperate with health management measures such as health code inspection, nucleic acid testing and health monitoring.If they intentionally conceal their travel schedule, refuse nucleic acid tests or refuse to cooperate with prevention and control, they will be held accountable in accordance with the law.2. People coming or returning to Germany from other parts of the province or the city where the epidemic occurred, who do not visit relatives, friends or areas where people gather, should report to Germany, take a nucleic acid test on the same day, and perform self-observation for 14 days to monitor their health.If you have any uncomfortable symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell, etc., see a doctor at the nearest place immediately. Wear a mask during the whole journey and avoid taking public transportation.3. Strictly control gathering activities in accordance with the principle of not holding events when they are not necessary.4. Take strict personal protection, avoid gathering in groups, wear masks, wash hands frequently, clean frequently, use chopsticks and other good living habits.5. If there are no contraindications, the public should be actively vaccinated against COVID-19.6. Information about the epidemic shall be obtained from official channels. Information uploaded online shall be treated objectively and rationally, and rumors shall not be believed, spread, or fabricated, forwarded, or disclosed.Source: South + Deqing Center for Disease Control and Prevention