Beimu completely sour, than jie calculate, lai God zha rushed to the peak of the second

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The new season, the familiar famous anchor such as jie, north to desire, god, cool while waiting for the man at the start of the new season is ready for the new season’s plan, such as jade and north longed for the new season the first to do is to rush the new national standard of the hero, and later moved to the top, after all, in the end for the host of the most important or the top score.The cool is absolutely the most fierce, almost no familiar version of the time, the new season directly start points and became IOSQ area the first man to break 2000 points mark, and lai in the beginning god tried all sorts of heroes, play, about a week began seriously impact the top score, while lai would he rushed to the second peak season,The old master never lost much.It’s not a few people dream team recently also started a team qualifying in lai when god just rush to the top and the second is received from north Korea in five rows at the invitation of lai has just entered the room she heard god north longed for a little sour ask god is now the national top ten, but north longed for don’t know god is in the previous SEC has rushed to the second peak.After hearing Lai God rushed to the summit of the second, Beimu the whole person also became sour, after all, the new season Beimu is also trying to rush points, but the score has not been rushed up, in the live broadcast on many times said that the new season these people really good fierce ah, is not to catch up with the New Year holiday, now also not anxious rush points ah.When it comes to the new season Beimu is still very uncomfortable, we all know that the new season of king of glory playing wild position and online new hero, as the wild king of Beimu and Jie in the first day of the new season began to use the new hero playing ranking, two people have set the goal of using the new hero blunt service.Results in the past three or four days, Jie with the new hero’s victory rate can basically be maintained at about 65 percent, and North Mu only less than 50 percent, war force can also be jie early opened.To know the goal of North Mu but the first, in The android area can be about to surpass the first, North Mu finally just got the NATIONAL standard.Personal opinion: at the beginning of this season Beimu is really sour, the only happy is to play the wild branch section reached 123, but compared to Kejie, Beimu 123 section is not so eye-catching, after all, Kejie is the first man to get this record, and Kejie is in the case of no 2.3W war.But can not exceed jie also calculate, as a wild anchor, even lai God’s speed is faster than their own, heard Lai God said he rushed to the summit of the second time, Beimu completely stretched.