“Aloes such as Dust” netizens speculate that the recent frequent hot search, is it possible that this drama to be fixed

2022-06-15 0 By

The TV series “Aloes such as Dust” has been very expected by the public. The CP feeling that spills over the screen makes people look forward to it. I can’t wait to see the broadcast news of this drama soon.Recently, Aloes, such as Dust, has been constantly on the hot search, some netizens speculate, so frequently on the hot search, is it possible that the drama is not far from the scheduled date, I can not hide the joy of this netizen’s words.The theme song of this TV drama is sung by Zhang Jie and Zhang Liangying, Zhang Jie and Zhang Liangying everyone is not strange, Zhang Jie’s song “as long as ordinary” sang cry many audiences, I believe that this drama has Zhang Jie can let the audience quickly into the story.Although it is the first time for Cheng Yi and Yang Zi to cooperate, netizens are not worried about this drama. The acting ability of these two actors has been verified and they can be trusted to watch. I have seen the MV of this drama on the Internet, you can feel the heart of this drama, the scenery and costumes are very good.A few minutes of music video can tell the heart of this drama, I think if this drama starts, it must be a dark horse drama.