Today is the evening of February 4th, AND I am preparing to rest. I have received my daily payment before last year

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Today is the evening of February 4th, and I’m preparing to rest. I received the salary of making daily settlement before the year.To tell you the truth so long have not received the money, I almost thought I was being lied to, think of are still a little regret, but for no rest place, I will do more for two days, and is of the highest wages for two days, 26 for an hour, 11.3 hours a day, a day is 293 yuan In addition to eat and round-trip fare, how to also have five hundred dollars, blunder.Sleep should also insist on the road at that time, receive payment information just know regret, this month to more than a dozen number to send the salary last month, and last month 10 days, excluding meals and utilities, shouldn’t be much left in the hand, 6, and a day to rest, then I speak to see if there are any suitable daily wages, or within the time limit is in trouble.Foxconn icon to chengdu to work more than half a month, in combination with the working group around, look at the Internet as a second-tier cities of chengdu, said international metropolis, the monthly salary is below five thousand to ask, just grab a monthly salary of thousands of street people are, and when I come out to look for a job in 58 city, look at the hanging from the recruitment information and the minimum is 6000 +,As a result, the reality is indeed another scene, which really makes capitalists feel embarrassed to hear it!Are we that good?When I came to apply for foxconn dispatched workers, said 8,000 to 10,000, the result came out, the original basic salary of 2000+ overtime pay + rebate, in theory, a month can get 8000.But the reality is that the peak season during the Chinese New Year are not much overtime, in addition to the Chinese New Year overtime, weekday overtime I added once, other need to work overtime will give priority to cadres and some excellent old staff, production requirements are too large, really need talent will let us ordinary staff overtime.Can only say that if you want to achieve 8000 a month in Chengdu Foxconn, in addition to the Chinese New Year hope to get, usually do not have to climb the ancient Shu road icon much easier.Online wages allow us to live in a false prosperity.In fact, low wages are poor, chengdu is generally low wages everywhere!I have been in Chengdu for more than half a month. The average salary of the people around me is over 3000, and the most is just over 5000.Do you dare to print out your true monthly salary?Tell me how much money you make a month.