Title one: The new generation mondeo hot presale!More multiple benefits heart attack!

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Title one: 159,800 yuan!New generation Mondeo hot presale!More multiple benefits heart attack!Title two: 159,800 yuan!New generation Mondeo hot presale!Pre-order exclusive $6666 departure gift!Title three: 159,800 yuan!New generation Mondeo hot presale!Pre-sale orders have exceeded 7000!Official presale guide price 1598-219,800 yuan, the new generation of Mondeo hot presale!The total number of orders has exceeded 7000!Order now, exclusive value $6,666, or up to $14,000 with a fancy car model, “6” on top of “6”.Log on to ford Mall or Fuyu APP to reserve the next generation Mondeo and welcome your wonderful life!Pay $3,333 to book and enjoy $6,666 worth of free entertainment for 6 years (120G in total);6 years of free road rescue ①;6 free basic maintenance for 6 years ②.Buy a car to enjoy up to 14,000 yuan “free car gift” : up to 5,000 yuan replacement benefits ③;Mondeo old owners replacement enjoy additional 2,000 yuan subsidy ④;Changan Ford owners enjoy 3,000 yuan subsidies for additional purchases ⑤;24 “0” interest rate car purchase financial policy;Lifetime EA/ E-Call Emergency Rescue service;3 years / 100,000km vehicle quality guarantee ⑥.Pay 66 yuan and enjoy the next generation mondeo model.* Time: March 18, 2022 — 00:00 on the launch day.① The service includes road repair service, assistance to unlock, electric ride, tire change service, fuel exhaustion rescue, free trailer (including accident trailer), taxi service, accommodation service, etc.The service includes the cost of replacing oil, oil filter parts and the corresponding man-hour.The term of use is once a year, six times in six years (including the first guarantee).③ Only valid for changan Ford used car authorized dealers;RMB 5,000 for limited cities and RMB 4,000 for non-limited cities;The EcoBoost® 245 Fashion model does not enjoy this benefit.(4) Including all changan Ford Mondeo models in the earlier period to replace the new generation of Mondeo.⑤ Different purchase and replacement policies, the same Changan Ford brand old car can only enjoy a purchase subsidy, EcoBoost® 245 fashion type does not enjoy this right.⑥ Thirty-six months or one hundred thousand kilometers (whichever comes first), not with minor order 5 years / 140,000 kilometers of vehicle quality guarantee.* Exclusive during the pre-sale period only.3333 yuan intention gold can be refunded, can be used for the car, and the gift can be superimposed with small order gift to enjoy;66 yuan pet powder gift, which can be refunded or refundable, can be superimposed with the wonderful starting gift, but not with the small order gift, see the ford Mall event details page.* See the Ford Mall event details page.The new mondeo pre-sale is underway!More information welcome to call/shop consultation!275 Jinpendi Avenue, Chongzhou city, Chengdu 028-82053066