Ten o ‘clock!Here comes the fifth wave of red envelope covers!

2022-06-14 0 By

Today’s New Year’s Eve red envelope will be used in a big way these days Hubei released the year of the Tiger limited wechat red envelope cover continues to catch the comments area although there is a miss after the loss but more is grabbed after the joy and “to continue” looking forward to cloth powder has requirements small cloth must be arranged!And additional arrangements!10:00 a.m. today (January 31) the fifth wave coming limited-time free nyc oh focus on how to get to see the first step to click on the below card “hubei published” WeChat public, the second step in the dialog box enter “red envelope”, “cover” red envelopes “click on the link to reply any keywords can receive using calls to develop red envelope interface, to cover” red envelopes “, sliding around,Find the limited edition “Red envelope cover” for the Year of the Tiger that Xiao Bu made for you and click “Use this cover.”This morning, if the wave did not grab the cloth fans do not lose heart, small cloth yesterday announced today (January 31) afternoon 15:00 also has a wave of “Year of the Tiger limited edition red envelope cover”, of course, if you are very high enthusiasm, small cloth will not regularly add the number of red envelope cover oh remember to pay attention to “Hubei release” in advance, set the alarm clock to receive on time come to participate!Hubei official online video, welcome to published the editorial department of hubei province product | reprint please indicate the source source: hubei publishing editor: jin-hua guo, the high charge