Red Devil 7 series ICE Magic Cooling system first removed Red Core no. 1 power “magic sense three-dimensional all-round control”

2022-06-14 0 By

In recent years, in addition to core processors, more and more smartphone brands have added auxiliary mobile phone chips, including image chips, display chips and charging chips, to bring users better experience of photography, display effects and charging efficiency.Recently, the official blog of @Red Devils games officially announced that an independent game chip named “Red Core no. 1” will be built into the upcoming # Red Devils 7, in order to improve the game experience of the machine.At the same time, the official blog also for the first time announced the red Devil 7 series ICE Magic cooling system first dismantling, friends can be at a glance to understand why the machine can be so “cold”.In addition, the invitation to the press conference has also arrived in the hands of major media and talent, friends ready to “small bench”?After the previous revelation of the Red Devils 7 after taking, cooling and other news, a few days ago, @Red Devils game mobile phone again released preheating information said, “super dimension, 7 god installed!# Red Devil 7# series built-in independent game chip — Red Core 1 sound, light, shock, touch four in one, magic sense three-dimensional all-round control!”While no official details of what the chip will do have been announced yet, considering the positioning of Red Devils 7, the chip will help reduce graphics tearing and provide more comfortable controls.According to the current information, Red Devil 7 will be equipped with snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, supplemented by turbo cooling fan +4124mm large VC liquid cooling plate mixed heat suppression, rear 64 million pixel three-camera scheme, support 135W wired charging function, plus 165W charging head.How powerful is the ICE Magic cooling system in the Red Devils 7 series?Recently, the official blog of @Red Devil game announced the first release of the ICE Magic cooling system, which can be seen at a glance., general game mobile phones and mobile phones of mobile games should have a stronger heat dissipation system.The Red Devil 7 series goes one better as a pure gaming phone, thanks to its air-cooled active cooling.From the official display of the series of models for the first heat removal, its heat is really very fierce.Red Devil 7 series has a high-speed centrifugal fan built in, as well as special cooling air duct design, of course, thermal conductive gel, thermal conductive copper foil and VC plate and other common cooling materials, it seems that the heat dissipation performance is really strong.In addition, are you ready for the “# red devils Mora# concert & # red devils 7# series launch” to be held on February 17th?Officials have already prepared tickets and benches, waiting for the boys to take their seats.From the press conference received physical invitation to see, is mainly a small bench and a ticket, it really looks like a bit of bring your own mazza concert feeling.According to the information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Red Devil game mobile phone 7 has three colors of green, black, red and blue gradient, and supports fingerprint identification under the screen.The machine has 170.57×78.33×9.5mm body size, weight 215g, front 8MP lens, rear 64MP triple.At present, red Devil 7 series of new machine has passed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and 3C and Bluetooth SIG certification, and according to the official release of preheating information, “Red Devil Ji Mora” concert and Red Devil 7 series press conference will be held at 15:00 on February 17 officially, Slogan is “super dimension 7 God outfit”.Interested partners may wish to pay attention to our continuous coverage and official new product launch!