Hone!Measure the scenery of hometown on foot

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Under the blue sky and white clouds, with coconut palms whirling, more than 50 teenagers wearing sunshade hats were walking along a green country road.The children in the rear were struggling.”Look!This is the video from that time.At the end of the walk, my legs felt like lead, but I persevered!I was so happy.”Raised suntan face, Haikou city ninth primary school students Hong Shengzhuo excitedly said.5 days and 4 nights to walk 100 kilometers from Lingshui Yingzhou to Sanya Yazhou ancient City.This winter holiday, a group of children from Haikou chose such an “open way”.Wu Xiaoyu, the organizer of the walking camp, aims to measure Hainan with his feet, sharpen his body and mind with sweat, and let the children feel the local conditions and customs of their hometown while walking.”Last year, we had three walking camps, but the first winter holiday after the ‘double reduction’ became popular.The application was very popular, attracting more than 20 middle school students as well as elementary school students.Wu xiaoyu sees the attitudes of parents and students changing.”Let the children out of the small indoor space, into the home of the world, not only exercise the body, but also temper the will, and the emotional link between home is also closer.”Chen Chao, Hong’s mother, was pleased with the holiday arrangement.After the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, she was glad to see that children’s nature was released, and she also had a new thinking on how to be a parent — “sometimes, we should use a non-disturbing way to let children to experience and feel the growth of their own”.To Chen’s relief, the camp has given careful consideration to children’s safety.”The course research and development team are all professional outdoor coaches familiar with hainan route, half of them have outdoor first aid qualification, and the teacher/student ratio is 1:5.”Wu xiaoyu introduced that according to the physical and mental characteristics of children, they mostly choose township roads and county roads with fewer vehicles, and adjust the distance at any time according to the actual physical consumption.Hong opened the photo album of his mobile phone and shared his unforgettable journey with the reporter: On the first day, we were in good condition and covered 12.6 kilometers in only three hours and more than 10 minutes.On the third day, we went to Luhuitou And Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor. The scenery was very beautiful.The hardest part was the fourth day, walking 30 kilometers and arriving at the destination at 8pm…”Along the way, I have learned a lot about the history and culture of my hometown. More importantly, I have learned that perseverance is the only way to win. I have also learned how to take care of my teammates so that no one is left behind.Good harvest!”Mr. Hong said.Li Jiayi, a third-grade student from Haikou Huandao Experimental Primary School, is the youngest camper.Along the way, she walked very hard, feet blistered, thigh worn skin, but thought “very interesting, will continue to participate in the future”!Li Liuqing, her father, said, “I used to work at tianya Border Police station. On the fourth day of the camp, I was so happy to see my child walking to the place WHERE I used to work.”During the hiking camp, the children were divided into 9 groups, some were responsible for introducing the scenic spots along the way in the form of pictures and videos, some were responsible for recording the food of various cities and counties along the way, and some were responsible for interviewing the campers…”From a village of fishermen to a town of Internet celebrities, the development of a country is reflected in millions of people,” reads one of tianya’s videos made by the children.Sitting on the rainbow ladder of tianya town, they face the sea, a piece of childish did not take off the small face is particularly bright, Shouting into the blue sky: “sunshine boy, embrace the mountains and the sea, walking the horizon, yeah!”