“Good shandong” over the New Year | “hometown brand” specialty, the memory of the Spring Festival taste

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“Happy New Year!”On New Year’s Eve, jinan ring highway two ring west section project branch three canteen, brimming with joy.Zone manager Zou Ning’s two-and-a-half year old daughter raised yaote milk, also want to clink glasses with everyone, have a model.Jinan Daxi Ring project is an important part of the highway network in our province. After its completion, it is of great significance to accelerate the integration of provincial capital economic circle and promote the economic and social development of the regions along the line.This Spring Festival, in order to ensure the normal construction of the existing key nodes of the project, there are more than 100 people in the first branch.Zou Ning joined China Railway 14 Bureau Group after years of running with the project, last year came to Jinan Daxi Ring project, just close to home, two days ago back to Tai ‘an wife and children are picked up, but also deliberately brought sausage, Aote milk and Tai ‘an tofu from home.”At the New Year’s Eve dinner, everyone ordered a dish, and I ordered this fried crispy meat.”He said with a smile, this is the hometown New Year’s essential fried goods, in addition to lotus root, balls and so on.Speaking of tai ‘an cuisine, Zou Ning opened a chatterbox.”Tai ‘an has three beauties: cabbage, bean curd, water, Taishan pancake, Taishan Chestnut and Feicheng peach. They are also very famous. When I went to college in Shijiazhuang, my roommates all liked to eat taishan pancake.”Zou Ning said that during the Spring Festival to relatives, Tai ‘an daughter tea is a best-selling over boxing.These hometown specialties with unique regional colors have become a cultural symbol, constituting people’s unique memory of the Spring Festival, carrying people’s emotions, no matter where you go, as long as you see them, you will have a deep yearning for your hometown.”Dad and mom, happy New Year to you!”On the first day of the first lunar month, just after 7 o ‘clock in the morning, Ji ‘nan Huaiyin district traffic police brigade west suburban squadron duty police Li Wenwei dialed his mother’s phone.”Happy New Year!Did you eat the dumplings?Is the baby up yet?”The other end of the phone, the old man’s words are full of concern.Li Wenwei finished the phone, hot dumplings have been put on the table, there are weixian radish, Delisi ham on the table, the wall of the table and the weifang kite he specially brought from his hometown last time.”Jiaodong da Bobo, crab paste, fried small whitebait, changyi shrimps, egg rolls…My mother sent for these the other day, and the fridge is full.”His favorite food is egg rolls, his wife likes big bobo, and his son likes fried whitebait.”Every time I eat an omelet made by my mother, I see her hunched over the stove.”Li Wenwei said.A few days ago, he sent home a box of Spring Festival goods, Rizhao green tea, Dezhou braised chicken, Jinan a big cake…It is also a big box full of local specialties.As soon as the food arrived home, mother called: “Don’t spend money on so much food. You can’t eat it.”Hearing the mother being scolded, he just grinned at the end of the phone.”Spring Festival couplets, blessing these things parents have bought, today to buy magiagou celery back home.”Early in the morning on the 29th day of the 12th lunar month, Zhang Chunfei, who has worked in Pingdu for eight years, went to the Nanguan market in Liyuan Street to look for New Year’s goods.Zhang Chunfei said “Majiagou celery” is pingdu specialty.Hollow majiagou celery has been cultivated for more than 1000 years in the local area and is a protected product of national geographic indication.Thanks to the local unique natural environmental conditions, Majiagou celery has the characteristics of yellow and green color, tender and crisp fragrance, and take the “Shenzhou VII” to travel in space, with the “Jiaolong” submergeweight test “experience”.In the gap between Zhang Chunfei buy celery, and a lot of people came to the market to buy majiagou celery.”Boss, buy this kind of two catties of exquisite celery, take 20 boxes for me.”After packing up his New Year shopping, Zhang drove back to his hometown nantong, Jiangsu province, thousands of miles away.”When I came to Pingdu for the first year, I brought majiagou celery home. My family said it was delicious. So now WHEN I go home for the Chinese New Year every year, SOME celery will be installed in the back compartment and celery will be added to the New Year’s Eve dinner.”Zhang chunfei said shandong has become his second hometown and he is very happy to be praised by his family for its delicacies.(Dazhong Daily reporter Wang Jian, Li Yuan, correspondent Wang Dayu)