“Attention” Wen ‘an County sprint Langfang first echelon strong voice

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On February 10, Wen ‘an County held the 2021 annual key work summary conference and economic work conference,Money for investment, to raise work advanced unit “, “advanced enterprise of advanced individual and pay taxes, tax rules on industry top ten enterprises, transformation and upgrading of demonstration enterprises, support the hometown construction advanced enterprises, issued and issued the wenan national investment promotion and capital introduction” six introduction “to promote the development of county economy high speed high quality implementation plan”, such as a number of policy documents,Continue to create a strong atmosphere of “running and leapfrogging”.In 2021, Wen ‘an County comprehensively sounded the call of “running, leap-forward, and all-out sprint to the first echelon of Langfang”, and the county’s heart went to one place to think and make efforts to run out of Wen ‘an speed and wen ‘an performance.The GDP grew by 10.1%, ranking first in The city.Revenue in the general public budget reached 1.74 billion yuan, the first in The city to meet the annual target 37 days ahead of schedule, with an increase of 15.2%.The growth rate of fixed asset investment was 22%, ranking second in the city. Major economic indicators showed steady progress and continued to lead the development momentum.In 2022, Wen ‘an County will make precise efforts to achieve the unification of the nine, solidly promote the economic development of the county to run faster, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs and see better results.Achieve “action” and “end up under the” unity, to advancing the investment promotion and capital introduction “six introduced” special action, the focus on the key personnel information, to guide project play to regional advantages, 12 state headquarters, peg on the superior policy bring money, practical talents, peg on innovation leading achievements, promote the investment promotion and capital introduction ran out of the actual effect.To realize the unification of “falling down” and “building up”, take the measures of “landing” as the starting point, optimize project agency services, strengthen the guarantee of land, electricity and other elements of the project, implement project inventory management, and promote the quality and efficiency of project construction.We will strive to balance the need to spend less with the need to make more money. We will do all we can to resolve the prominent contradiction between available financial resources and necessary expenditures. We will make sustained efforts to secure funds, expand financing platforms, strengthen tax collection and administration, do a good job in land management, and put state-owned assets to good use.To realize the unity of “policies” and “true results”, the in-depth implementation of the “Ten innovative” measures for the high-quality development of traditional industries, encourage enterprises to rely on excellent links, upgrading, retreating from two excellent two, retreating from two into three, comprehensively carry out the warming action, promote the overall speed of industrial transformation.To achieve the integration of “innovation” and “initiative”, deepen the “two do not meet” service measures for project entry, focus on “ability” and “action”, and promote continuous optimization of the business environment.To achieve the unity of “big framework” and “multi-node”, adhere to the concept of “home” operation and management of the city, the county organized the year of urban construction and development activities, accelerate the urban renewal action, promote the rural construction action, promote the overall speed of urban and rural construction.We will work to ensure people’s wellbeing and focus on key areas of concern. We will pay more attention to the voices of the people and the concerns of their parents. We will work hard and with passion to solve urgent, difficult and urgent problems that concern the people.To realize the unity of “seeking innovation” and “grasping development”, give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of entrepreneurs in innovation and entrepreneurship, fully stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and pioneering, actively seize good development opportunities, crack bottlenecks and constraints, and effectively support, guide and develop the private economy.”Risk prevention” and the “bottom line” unifies, always adhere to the “two lines” thinking, better security and development as a whole, to guard against all kinds of risks contradiction resolve at the initial, let cadres at various levels in the process of problem solving, eliminate hidden dangers, can further enhance the director-general, is not an accident, put more effort in development.Text: Ma Yue, Wang Meng, Editor: Yang Wei, Review: Wang Wenheng, Liu Jie