Villagers’ happiness is the most important thing!

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Thick stone tablets of village names, wide village roads, bright party and mass service centers…Walk into cao Zi li town south Qi village, the village is peaceful.”Although secretary Li of our village is not old, he is steady and dependable in handling matters.””On rainy days, he went to the homes of subsistence and five-guarantee families at midnight to check the safety of their houses and drilled pipes to clean up the silt…A boy in his twenties is not afraid of hardship or fatigue.”‘He arrives first for everything in the village!Such a good secretary, the whole village trusts him.”Mention village “one shoulder carries” Li Linhua, the villagers opened chatterbox.Villager-level work is closely related to the vital interests of the masses, is the last “one hundred meters” of the landing of various policies, South Qi village “shoulder to shoulder” Li Linhua constantly explore the new way of rural Party building work, actively play the role of the party branch fighting fortress, promote the south Qi village Party building work to make new progress.”In the future, we will have a place to go for lunch on weekdays instead of having to cook by ourselves.”Talking about the happiness of the village this year will be built courtyard, five security households qi uncle face full of smile.Nanqizhuang Village has actively applied for the construction of the happy Compound in 2022 to provide high-quality old-age services for the elderly in the village, which is a vivid example of the village’s solid promotion of the practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses”.Village “two committees” deeply find people’s worries, worries, anxious things, and the implementation of dynamic update management.Trains run fast, all by the front.In October 2021, the beautiful village project of Nanqizhuang Village will enter the market.The “two Committees” of Zhuang Village in South Qi and the village task force of talent market in north China planned, implemented and advanced the beautiful countryside work with high starting point, high standard and high intensity.The dirt road has become cement road and the mud alley has become red brick road. The clutter in the alley has disappeared and the village has taken on a new look.In order to build the “six horizontal and three vertical” road network in the village, Nanqizhuang village demolished 6 places left outside the historical private buildings, opened 1 Duandu Road, opened 3 new roads, and widened all the streets in the village that met the requirements for widening.Not only that, south Qi village party branch targeted to the two “stubborn” dirty messy point rectification, and will be one of the rectification for 1800 square meters of fitness square, for the villagers’ leisure and entertainment, at the same time, the village has been cleaned up along the north and west of the village.”This year the village has changed a lot, not only the environment is getting better and better, our life is getting happier and happier!”Under the big locust tree, qibobo, who was chatting with several old friends, said happily.’The villagers’ happiness is the most important thing!This is a word that Li Linhua often hangs in the mouth.He said that the next step, nanqizhuang village will refine the village rules and regulations, do a good job of long-term cleaning work, actively organize special activities, and further do a good job of village elderly services.On the basis of effective village governance, the happiness and sense of gain of villagers should be constantly improved.Source: Beauty Wu Qing Review: Ma Xu braid: Wang Chen