Various cultural activities are held across Shanxi Province to celebrate the Spring Festival

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Spring Festival is coming, all over the province to carry out colorful spring cultural activities, further promote the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, pass good wishes, the earth is full of spring.Spring Festival is coming, changzhi city annual Spring Festival, Lantern Festival series of cultural activities arrived as scheduled.There are 10 cultural activities, including the 2022 Changzhi Spring Festival Gala and winter Jasmine Lantern Show, for local people to enjoy cultural feast during the festival.Since January 25, more than 20 days of Cultural activities of The Spring Festival have been opened in Changzhi city. The Changzhi Spring Festival Gala, which integrates the city’s excellent literary and artistic resources, highlights the “Taste of the New Year” and “fun of children”.The focus of the spring Jasmine lantern exhibition, all over the streets and lanes of the urban area, not only ornamental interest, but also cultural connotation, especially in taihang Street, Hero Street, Bayi Square and other key areas, decorated with characteristic lighting along the street, to create a festive atmosphere of fire trees and silver flowers to celebrate the New Year.During the festival, changzhi city will dock precision demand at the grass-roots level, carry out “new life, new style, New Year pictures” – our New Year pictures online exhibition, a well-off life “with holidays show, folk culture into the streets, villages, enterprises such as mass production line of life, record the traditional Chinese New Year customs, to carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, at the same time with” holidays together “as the theme,People from all walks of life in Changzhi were invited to talk about their experiences of Chinese New Year, reminisce about the past and look forward to the future.The event will also combine culture with benefit of the people, and launch the “Art makes Life Better” micro class for all the people in 2022, “Appreciation and Analysis of Traditional Chinese Festival Poems” series of recommended reading, and “Listen to the Language and taste the fragrance of books” activities, so that the general public can enjoy the Chinese Year of traditional Culture.With the arrival of the Spring Festival, red lights and colorful lights adorn the streets of Datong city, showing a happy and peaceful atmosphere.See art exhibition, listen to the opera, taste the custom……Online and offline activities convey a strong flavor of the Spring Festival, which is full of rituals.Fu Hu Spring Festival, New Year paintings chengxiang.In Huayan Square, Datong city, the exhibition of “New Life, New Fashion, New Year pictures” opened the cultural chapter of Datong New Year, making the Spring Festival more “appearance level”, but also attracted many citizens to come to clock in and take photos.On January 31, the New Year’s Eve, lu Zehua, a family of three citizens, came to visit early in the morning. “There are pictures euloguing the centennial glory of the Communist Party of China, and the new picture of people’s happy life in the new era, as well as the Spring Festival and the Beijing Winter Olympics theme paintings, rich in content.To see so many excellent works during the Spring Festival, we ordinary people enjoy real cultural services, adding a lot of color to the Spring Festival.”In order to enrich the cultural life of the city’s people during the festival, Datong city has carefully organized more than 30 “Cloud Datong Year” mass cultural activities in 2022, inviting citizens to pick up their mobile phones to take photos of datong’s common taste and record a good life.And through WeChat public number, web site, new media platforms such as trill show datong beauty food, intangible folk customs, history and culture, common the multidimensional element such as breath, ordinary hero, showing the history of the ancient capital of culture and forge ahead of the new era spirit, create a warm, happy and peaceful festive holiday atmosphere, to create “cultural datong, datong, datong civilization, smile” new business card.Let the public have a different year on the cloud.In xiwan Village, Linxian County, one of the first historic and cultural villages in China, ancient buildings are simple and elegant. Every family in the village hangs red lanterns, steamed steamed buns, made rice wine, wrote Spring Festival couplets and cut window flowers, making people feel the thick flavor of the New Year.Reporters along the village road, many people have hung lanterns, pasted Spring Festival couplets.Fan Chengde, a calligraphy enthusiast in the village, has been writing Spring Festival couplets for villagers at home for free since the 20th day of the 12th lunar month. This Spring Festival, he wrote more than 200 pairs of couplets for everyone, something he has been doing for decades.Many farmers still keep the custom of cutting paper-cuts in Xiwan Village, and paper-cuts create a thick lunar New Year flavor.Chen Baoping, 59, has been cutting paper-cuts for more than 20 years. Every Spring Festival, he cuts several paper-cuts to decorate his home. Chen baoping designs a wide range of paper-cuts.During the Spring Festival of 2022, Luliang city will continue to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people of the city with high-quality cultural programs and works, and create a festive atmosphere of joy, peace and jubilation. Luliang City will carry out the online exhibition and broadcast of “Welcome 20 Major Cultures into the Home” to add a joyous atmosphere to the festival.Luliang city related departments responsible person said, we will dig luliang characteristics of custom culture, so that people form centripetal force, cohesion, dig the cultural connotation of traditional festivals, so that the joy and peace of the Spring Festival more gold content, so that custom and other traditional customs in the new era glow luster and vitality.(Wang Shaoke, Duan Weihua, Zhao Zhicheng, Li Jiaming, Yao Xiaomin)