Science fiction: Rats will take over the earth if humans die out

2022-06-13 0 By

I often hear articles saying that the earth is the only one in the universe that has life.It is like saying that a nest of ants by the Xiangjiang River is the only one in the whole universe, and it is too lonely.We can’t even get out of the solar system, we’ve never been to Venus, Mars, Jupiter, the Kuiper Belt, or even the Oort Cloud.Is the universe too big, or human too arrogant, although there are Einstein, Newton these great people, there are us ordinary people, more people fall down, you pick him up, you save his life, he will turn around and try to cheat you.What kind of people all have, some people care about is the stars of the sea, some people only care about selfish, a little interest at the moment, and hurt others.Do human beings really deserve the earth.We often laugh at dinosaurs because of a big meteorite, most of the dinosaurs died out, so we call this meteorite justice from heaven.So if you think about it, another meteorite this big, and now it hits the Earth, do you think we’re any luckier than the dinosaurs?If we don’t develop science and technology, space technology, similar to the Dyson ball technology, we will still watch this meteorite fell, and powerless, when the time comes, or the previous mass extinction, more than 20 kilograms of organisms are doomed to extinction.My guess is that in the event of another mass extinction, a large meteorite, another gamma-ray burst hitting the Earth, or a global superplume erupting, or another frozen earth, we wouldn’t be able to withstand it.Anything that could survive, viruses would certainly survive, some archaea and bacteria would survive, some single-celled life, insects, earthworms, worms, snakes and crocodiles would survive. Why?Snakes and crocodiles can endure hunger for months or a year, and hibernate to survive tough times.If go through extinctions, like monkeys, apes, cattle, sheep and horses, it is hard to escape the volume too big animals, like some birds and mice and squirrels and should be able to survive these small animals, most likely to take over the earth, may be we all shout dozen of mice, rats would conduct a radiation evolution, repeat it again primates to intelligent life story,Because our ancestors lived in a niche similar to today’s mice, limping under the feet of dinosaurs for 200 million years, and rapidly evolving from the size of mice and radiation to the colorful world of mammals we have today after the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.If human beings do not work hard now, it is possible that the next generation of intelligent life on earth will find our fossils and relics, and say to the story of the big meteorite that thanks to justice from heaven, we rats have their day. We are never so greedy, selfish, unambitious and hurt each other as human beings.It is possible that these new humans, which have evolved from mice, have moved out of the solar system in our place, roamed the Milky Way, traversed the superhighway of narnia’s Keya supercluster, and passed through the Great Wall of the Canalian Corona boreal, out of our universe, to meet intelligent beings from another universe.