Kaidexing Super Member Carnival fuel engine unlock “Kaixin Life”

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On April 1st, the “Born to shine in the Heart of Kaide” Kaide Star Super Member Carnival party was held in Chengdu Kaide Plaza jinniu.Offline, super member Celebration Party to create avant-garde cool new scene, creative art space atmosphere, interesting interaction bring immersion experience fun;Online, Capitalstar mall, star broadcast room super member welfare superimposed pet powder gift, together xiangxiang carnival ceremony.Online and offline seamless linkage, jointly unlock “Heart life” for Capitalstar super members.Celebration Party, symbol of “Kaidexing super member” LOGO star device was instantly lit, celebrate Kaidexing super member plan in the first shot in the country, this marks the kaidexing group digital member ecosystem iteration upgrade, take a steady entity business digital operation to explore the road.It is reported that this year’s blockbuster “KaiDeXing” 4.0 build super membership plan will be cade national commercial projects online, in early January, cade huaxi district first start and got good grades, huaxi district three big city eight projects of common member upgraded to super significantly increased, the proportion of the super member consumption activity by more than 50%;Super members are stickier, and the sales of super members in January-February 2002 accounted for more than 60% of the total sales of members in the same period of 21.In the post-epidemic era, the resulting layered portrait of member users can more efficiently help real businesses to further achieve accurate marketing promotion in the stock market, which can be described as a forward-looking and pragmatic advance.Tennessee Loveless let the eyeball and color together “tremble”, the Cade Star super member Celebration Party visual design from the American pop artist Tennessee Loveless series, this is also this year cade cross the border with Tennessee to launch a deep strategic cooperation beginning.The visual image created by the joint efforts will be applied in various offline and online scenes of Capitalstar in a comprehensive and three-dimensional way. For example, CAPITALstar member IP linkage includes limited edition LOGO, brand short video, offline DP points, plane posters and peripheral limited derivative products, creating an immersive IP atmosphere and enabling commercial consumption experience.Tennessee is a Disney co-artist, has worked with CHANEL, MOSCHINO, PHILIPS, SWATCH and other internationally renowned brands.Tennessee was born completely colorblind and saw only black and white in his world, but from his love of life, he poured inspiration and imagination into his works, creating the unconstrained world of pop art.Tennessee has won the Art magazine “Artist of the Year” award for his outstanding artistic talent and has become one of the representatives of Pop art for the last 10 years.Tennessee for cade Star super member Celebration Party creation of the visual image continues its usual style, innovative bold, rich tension.With “eyes” as the main element, a journey to discover the city and discover a new life from its first perspective, which appropriately explains the original intention of Kaidexing to continuously upgrade the innovative ecosystem for members, timely and accurately insight into consumer needs and committed to creating high-quality service experience.Tennessee’s co-branded pop emojis for Kaidexing super members will also be available on the wechat platform for the public to download.The offline and online activities of The Kaidexing Super Member Carnival were colorful.· Taurus launches “Super Member Star Currency”, which can be obtained through multiple channels such as check-in, point exchange, on-site punching, receipt exchange and so on.Members can use “Star coins” to participate in many interesting interactive experiences on site, including: “Kaixin Roaming” non-electric roller coaster, Pop art graffiti postcards, hot printing DIY environmental protection accompanying bag, lucky doll machine to capture the city limited “Kaixin” panda doll.The online carnival promotion is also very lively. Star Broadcast grabbed “Cade Star Cluster tickets” to create a new front of cloud SP carnival. ASCOTT and “Star Club” enthusiastically joined in and brought a surprise of night discounts for selected rooms.”Kaidexing member · Points when Money is spent” graded member-themed activities meet personalized consumption needs. Exclusive gift of points: super members can enjoy triple points, ordinary members can enjoy double points, and points can be exchanged for cash coupons and other super-powerful benefits.Tennessee co-branded gift items: Cool T-shirts, themed fridge magnets, special giant panda dolls, Pop art masks, stickers, etc.Capitalstar Super Member Carnival runs from March to April, and a series of themed activities will be held in several capitalstar business projects simultaneously.Tufting Studio will hold classes in March, and super members can enjoy free experience;Kaide Plaza · New City opens classes, super members can get 200 yuan shopping gold upon entering the store;Kaide Plaza · Charm City friendship invites super members DIY kite spring outing, super members will be held at the end of April, enjoy the anniversary promotion discount in advance, free tea break, free customized Coca Cola, free gift packaging, free shuttle and other exclusive rights exchange;Chengdu Raffles Plaza, Kaide Plaza and Yujin City will regularly invite super members to watch movies for free;Kai Tak Plaza. Fucheng will hold super members in mid-April, enjoy the wonderful time of spring with creative flower arrangement and dessert tasting.After years of digital operation exploration and network platform building in the commercial market, Capitaland has walked out a steady and professional development road from the initial basic scene rights and interests, to continuously upgrade the member ecosystem through information technology, and then gradually realize offline and online interaction and integration.Capitalstar Super Membership program, relying on eight rights and interests, enhances the identity of Capitalstar members, optimizes scenes and services, and provides consumers with experience scenes with the aura of membership;Enrich the rights and interests of members, enhance the core value of members, and build a stronger interactive connection.KaiDeXing super member system through member hierarchy, rights and interests of value-added service, integration, and incentives such as the carrier, and the accuracy of digital marketing tools to increase membership viscosity, increase the rate of stock members after purchase, pull the member activity and incremental sales and precipitation more high value users, stimulate the growth of retail business potential.In 2022, Capitaland will continue to rely on the large-scale entity business cluster, through eco-Green, 88 Member Festival and other activities, strengthen the offline and online interaction of member consumers, improve their digital products, services and marketing capabilities, and continue to optimize the consumption experience of member users.-END-