Is domestic violence illegal?

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Wife Liu Juan: The father of the child, the teacher of the child sent a wechat message to say that the child was often absent at school and kept playing with his pen or eraser.Let’s figure out how to correct it!Husband Li Da: Yes, I see.Wife Liu Juan: alas……Compere: come nearly half a year, husband li da already put forward divorce to wife Liu Juan several times.Liu Juan can serve as a full-time wife, considering the age of small children need a complete family environment, Liu Juan did not agree.Since then, Li has slept in separate beds with Liu, ignoring her and the baby.But in front of outsiders, “the husband is also a warm man” false, in public shows that he cares about his wife and children.Husband li da: juanjuan, for the sake of home you hard!Let’s go on a family trip sometime..Host: Face husband this kind of performance type behavior, Liu Juan feels this kind of mental torment is not inferior to the physical injury.Similar to Liu Juan injured family members, long-term living in this kind of performance behavior or cold shoulder, indifference and other environment, will have a sense of distrust to people, feelings become fragile, negative, it is easy to cause psychological and mental diseases.Article 2 of China’s first Anti-Domestic Violence Law, which came into effect on March 1, 2016, clearly states: “Domestic violence in this law refers to physical and mental acts committed by family members through beating, binding, mutilation, restriction of personal freedom, frequent abuse and intimidation.”This brings what we often call “cold violence” into the category of domestic violence protection.Now please ask Wei Qingliu, an expert from Guangxi Marriage and family dispute mediation Expert Bank, to talk about how victims should deal with “cold violence” in the face of family.Wei Qingliu comments: In this case, Li Da’s behavior of sleeping separately to Liu Juan is cold violence against family members, and cold violence is a form of domestic violence in China’s anti-domestic violence law.Liu Juan suffers husband cold violence, can to the people mediation committee or community committee, women’s federation and other departments reflect and seek help, still can file divorce proceedings to the court.Article 32 of China’s original Marriage Law stipulates that if the people’s court has committed domestic violence at the time of hearing a divorce case, divorce shall be granted if mediation fails.Article 46 of the original Marriage Law stipulates that the innocent party who commits domestic violence and leads to divorce has the right to claim damages.Article 1,079 of the current Civil Code stipulates that divorce shall be granted in cases of domestic violence or maltreatment or abandonment of family members if mediation fails.Article 1091 states that if circumstances of domestic violence lead to divorce, the innocent party is entitled to claim damages.Therefore, Liu Juan can also claim damages against Li Da.Here to remind the majority of female friends, in domestic violence to timely take legal means, the use of legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.Host: If her husband Li Da has no affection for the family, It’s time for Liu Juan to think about how to solve the current situation.Although not divorce is for children to have a complete family, but children grow up in such an environment without love, personality will become distorted, grow up will not believe in marriage and family beauty.Shijiazhuang Fa Garden