In 1987, a man from Jiangsu province lent 1,000 yuan to a friend in disaster. 25 years later, his friend repaid him 10 million yuan

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Light look at the world smoke, remember kindness like the sea.Be grateful, everything is lovely.When you sow the seeds of kindness, one day gain garden flowers, 25 years ago a deadbeat lad, desperate on the street, met once good eldest brother, got his $1000 to help, many years later his worry is never worth of property return, this is the plot in the drama, look can really happened in reality.Sun Shengrong entered the society at the age of 14, wanting to show his talents.But he had no education, no experience and was too young to find a good job. He eventually became an apprentice in his brother’s barber shop to learn a trade that would help him support his family.Also in the barber shop he met benefactor Zhang Aimin, Zhang Aimin is a barber shop customer, and sun Shengrong brother’s relationship is good, so his brother is also very care.When just began to apprentice, he suffered a lot of setbacks, the in the mind is very low self-esteem, feel that they do not do well, is Zhang Aimin encouraged him to learn, return to him as a guinea pig, let his barber skills have a rapid progress.A few years later, he had been able to work on his own, did not want to continue to stay in his brother’s store, want to go out for a career, went to Wenzhou.The young man was full of enthusiasm and curiosity for new things. He had changed several jobs over the years, but he was still unstable and broke down.For a short time, he was at a loss as to what he should do and whether he was suitable for the industry.It was not until 1987 that he met Zhang Aimin in the street by chance. After hearing his experience, Zhang Aimin, the eldest brother, also sighed. He regarded Sun Shengrong as his younger brother and also saw his willingness to bear hardships and stand hard work at the beginning, so he suggested him to return to Xuzhou and open a barber shop by himself.Knowing that he had no money, he lent him 1000 yuan with all his savings.At that time, Zhang aimin’s own monthly salary was only 80 yuan.Later he and Sun Shengrong’s brother together to help him open the store up, improve the life, when he hesitated, but also Zhang Aimin has been encouraging him, Zhang Aimin in his heart although not pro brother, but like pro brother.In 1991, he joined the army, closed the barber shop, and still owed Zhang Aimin money, the heart of this matter.But Zhang Aimin never urged him, nor did he care about the money, but told him to go to the army to perform well and win glory for the country.After leaving the army for several years, Zhang Aimin went to Spain. From a small dishwasher, he struggled step by step to become a wealthy Chinese businessman. The hardships in the middle were unimaginable.Because of language barrier and thin stature, he was also bullied. Later, he accumulated funds to start his own business and experienced many setbacks. However, he always remembered zhang Aimin’s encouragement to him, and the 1000 yuan was not only a debt, but also his motivation.He had already earned 1000 yuan, but his “creditor” had lost contact with him.Due to communication tools and distance, Sun and Zhang broke off contact.Thirteen years ago, Sun Shengrong had become the chairman of an association in Spain, with a certain social status and fame, but also more determined to find a benefaction.Now his side more icing on the cake, but in the heart of the more valuable is always a timely help, and at that time Zhang Aimin is all, can not say that there is no Zhang Aimin Sun Shengrong wealth, but he did give him direction and strength, this kind is worth remembering life.He made many inquiries in Xuzhou, but he did not find Zhang Aimin. He mobilized human and material resources and released some information about the missing person, hoping that Zhang Aimin could come to him when he saw it. But four years passed, the benefaction still had not been found.Finally, the police can only appeal to the police, after the police know his determination, quite moved, promised to look for Zhang Aimin together, let this profound friendship has a satisfactory day.With the help of the police, he finally met Zhang aimin, and the two recognized each other immediately.It turned out that over the years, the original store and streets had already changed. After Zhang Aimin got married and started his own business, he left Xuzhou and ran a small shop by himself. The business was not good, but it could guarantee the food and clothing of his family.Dripping of grace, yongquan phase reported after many years, old friends reunion, although the appearance has added years of vicissitudes of life, but the original heart is still.Two people hug each other and cry, the past, like endless words, and more a bit unfamiliar.Sun Shengrong has not forgotten to pay back the original money, now 1000 yuan and the original 1000 yuan can not be equivalent and estimated.Especially in that Zhang Aimin home is not rich, Sun Shengrong decided to give him a car to send a room, let him live without worry.However, All these were rejected by Zhang Aimin, who gave the rose with lingering fragrance in his hand. It was out of his love for life and love for his “younger brother” that he extended a helping hand, without thinking of getting a generous reward from him.Sun Shengrong also expected to be so, he is still very understanding of Zhang Aimin’s character, know that he will feel guilty, so with ten million investment in a winery, property rights directly hanging in Zhang Aimin’s name, he does not participate in any management.Zhang Aimin knew or refused, but the procedures have been done, no matter whether Zhang Aimin management operation.According to Article 240 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, the owner has the right to possess, use, profit from and dispose of his realty or chattel according to law.The proceeds from the winery would still go to him.Finally, under the persuasion of Sun Shengrong, Zhang Aimin or winery business, winery business is booming, the Life of the Zhang family has been improved, and Sun Shengrong family still often walk, the relationship between the two people as brothers, also became a local story.Rousseau said, “Without gratitude there can be no true virtue.”The story of Sun Shengrong and Zhang Aimin, let people feel the positive energy of the society, good deeds do not necessarily seek revenge, but accept the favor, must be grateful, there are many ways to repay the kindness, the warmth and great love back to the society, to create a harmonious social atmosphere, is also Thanksgiving.(Privacy concerns, the names of the people in this case are all pseudonyms, some pictures are from the Internet, only to match the narrative.Warm reminder: respect the original, please do not copy handling and reprint oh.