Cherry blossoms, what do they taste like?

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It is another year when cherry blossoms are in full bloom.A spring mind will emerge another picture about the cherry blossom scene, so beautiful, soft, let a person’s mood unconsciously followed the elegant up.Cherry blossom as fleeting spring representative, to meet the people of romance, youth, hope of the good imagination, and do not know from when to start, its powder has become the most can represent the color of spring.When the wind blows, you can see the cherry blossoms being carried away from the branches and flying in the air.Flowers float ah float, also float into people’s mouths.What does cherry blossom taste like?Fresh cherry blossoms actually taste bitter and are not suitable to eat, and salting is the most common treatment.Salted cherry blossoms are pickled with salt, plum vinegar and pressure on cherry blossoms to retain their complete shape.After the salt-stained cherry blossoms are washed away by hot water, the flowers will unfold again, and the decoration will reveal the flowers in the dessert, directly conveying the elegance of spring.Pickled cherry blossoms are sold directly, but it’s easy to make your own.Pick up fresh cherry blossoms with their buds in full bloom, wash them and dry them. Sprinkle them with salt and place them in a container for two days.It dehydrates the blossoms while retaining their current bright color.After two days, the blossoms are squeezed dry and the exudating water is poured out. Then they are pickled in plum vinegar, rice vinegar or lemon juice for three days. Then the vinegar is drained and left to dry in a cool and ventilated place for two days.After the pickled cherry can make tea, can make wine, can do suisingxuan cake, also can do cake and macaron……Make sugar water with this cherry blossom today!The natural sweetness of dried strawberries is matched with the warm and clear taste of tremella, and the saltiness of pickled cherry blossoms is used to set off the sweet taste of the soup, sweet with a bit of salt!Not too sweet, not too monotonous, similar to plum like sour and sweet taste, appetizing and greasy solution.Afternoon to drink a cup, it is like putting yourself under the cherry tree, blowing the breeze comfortable.Ingredients: Palace Xi Yan herbal Tremella 10g salted cherry blossom 5-6 dried strawberry 50g rock sugar1, remove the salted cherry blossom bubble water, salt 2, salted cherry blossom on the surface of the bubble is in water at room temperature for about 30 minutes, or will be salted cherry blossom with boiling water immersion washing 4 ~ 5 times add to boil 3, pot, add tremella cooked 4, 10 minutes into the strawberry stem, cook for 5 minutes, add in rock sugar, ice 5 open after saccharification, join the cherry blossoms, and petals open can cherry blossoms bloom in the water.It’s beautiful.The sweet and sour flavor of dried strawberries adds freshness to the soup, while the tremella is smooth and silky, and the cherry blossoms are slightly salty, which is easier to remove when frozen.Cherry blossom season, come to cook a pot, taste the taste of cherry blossom, enjoy the new beautiful spring ~