A netizen traveling in North Korea found that north Koreans have three living habits

2022-06-13 0 By

Now that north Korea has opened up tourism, tour groups can travel to the country.Many people like to travel to Japan and South Korea, in fact, to travel to North Korea, will have a different flavor.Foreign visitors to North Korea are treated at a high level and are treated with great respect.Chinese make up the majority of foreign visitors to North Korea.I also went to North Korea for a trip this year, and I was impressed by its beautiful landscape, blue sky and white clouds, and good ecological environment.The North Korean people are also very honest.During my stay in North Korea, I found that north Koreans have three living habits in their daily life.In North Korea, you’ll find adults wearing the leader’s badge on their chest.As a result, it is easy to tell the difference between foreign tourists and locals when traveling in North Korea.In addition, north Korean people live in a habit, that is like squatting.Whether it’s at a bus stop or in a park, you can often see squatters.When in Pyongyang, north Korea, many citizens like to have a picnic in the wild, they also like to squat drinking beer, eating barbecue.Rich Men in North Korea also have a habit of wearing leather shoes and shining them.They not only wear leather shoes, but also like to carry black briefcases.Walking, full style, let a person can see at a glance is a person of status.Of course, there are many more habits in ordinary North Korean life, such as north Korean women like to wrap their heads.What do you think of the living habits of north Korean people?