95.25 points!Gu Ailing’s strength alone, China’s 8th gold steady, rivals for silver

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Beijing time morning of February 18, the Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing in women’s u-shaped ground skills final, Chinese player GuAiLing after first jumped 93.25 points, the second jump to get high score, 95.25 is the highest score in full at present, the strength is too strong, CCTV and the People’s Daily praised, the Chinese team gold 8 entered the countdown.Gu, who is only 18 years old, has already won gold in women’s platform and silver in women’s slopestyle, and now has a chance to become China’s best athlete at the Games by winning the halfpipe gold.Gu said with a smile, “I feel less pressure than three events, because I have three chances to achieve my goal.” Now, the last event is gu’s strongest. She showed her super strength perfectly in the qualification and easily got the highest score of 95.50 points and advanced to the final.Gu was seen as the top favorite after winning every World Cup event this season before the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to the rules, 12 contestants each jump three rounds, and the best result of one round is taken to determine the final ranking.Gu Ailing was the last one to appear. The previous 11 contestants did not score more than 90 points, so she did not have much pressure. Gu Ailing finished the routine smoothly and got 93.25 points, the only one who got more than 90 points in the first round.In this regard, Gu Ailing himself exclaimed and dared not believe.In the second round, Li Fanghui of China took the lead again and got 86.50 points, which temporarily rose to the fourth place. She was satisfied with her score. Then Zhang Kexin came out and only got 25.75 points because she fell down in the last movement.Gu continued to be the last of the 11 players, with defending champion Cathy Sharp the only one to reach 90 points.Facing pressure from the defending champion, Gu came up with a right 900, which was very high, followed by another 900, a right 720, caught the tail of the board, and a backslide 360, which was too drift, another perfect performance, and finally gained 95.25 points to extend her lead.In response, Chinese netizens said the other contestants could only compete for the silver medal, which was the only suspense.People’s Daily praised Gu: “Another high score, Gu Ailing’s steady performance in the second round continues to lead”, CCTV news is the same, “This is strength!Too steady!Gu Ailing scored 95.25 in the second round “.