5-6!Yan Bingtao is killed!All of China was wiped out, and two of the final four were confirmed

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Yan Bingtao was beaten 5-6 by Barry Hawkins in the second round of the Snooker Players Championship on Feb 11, Beijing time.In this match, Yan made another three hundred, two consecutive rounds, a total of six hundred yan (in the previous round, He knocked out Gilbert 6-4, yan also made three hundred), was actually in excellent form, but Barry Hawkins took his chance in the decider and won the match with a single stroke.This quarter final, the quality of the match is very high, basically is a one-shot winner!In the opening round, Yan bingtao scored 139 points in one stroke to take the lead.In the second round, Yan Bingtao continued to perform magnificently, winning 103 points in a single stroke and breaking 100 points in a row!Next, Barry Hawkins launched a strong comeback, single 86 points, single 77 points, single 95 points, back-to-back three games, bureau points 3-2 to complete the lead.Yan bingtao steadied himself, losing three games in a row to Barry Hawkins and scoring 54 points for 91-7. China’s post-2000 talent Yan Bingtao stopped the slide.In the seventh game, Yan continued his efforts, scoring 98 points in a single stroke to take the lead again at 4-3.Barry Hawkins scored 96-1 in the eighth to tie the game 4-4.The ninth round, Yan Bingtao single shot 132 points to win.Barry Hawkins replied with a hundred and 126 in the tenth frame!The match of the gods came to the decider, yan bingtao’s mentality was slightly affected by a referee’s decision, Barry Hawkins seized an opportunity, single shot 73 win, 6-5 win yan bingtao.Looking back on the whole match, Yan Bingtao broke 100 in 3 shots and 50+ in 5 shots, Barry Hawkins broke 100 in 1 shot and 70+ in 5 shots, the overall level is quite high!The fluctuation of mentality in the decider shows that Yan Bingtao still has room for improvement, but also shows that Yan Bingtao’s heart is not strong to the point of invulnerability.Chinese snooker has been eliminated from the players Championship after Zhao Xintong was knocked out in the first round and Yan Bingtao was eliminated in the last eight.