1 million of your “dream love tricks” are on the shelves!Today from 10 o ‘clock every hour on sale, quickly set the alarm clock

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Dahe Newspaper · Yu video reporter Hou Bingyu has the Olympic Games “top flow” ice dun dun opportunity!On February 20, the closing day of the Winter Olympics, a million ice blocks and accessories were put on sale on Tmall, including plush products, hand-made items, blind boxes and three-dimensional key chains.The reporter learned that from 10 am to 9 PM on 20th, the official flagship store of Tmall Olympic will sell an average of 100,000 ice cubes in turn on each hour, equivalent to one million ice cubes in one day, which is also the biggest replenishment effort of ice cubes.Since the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, simple and simple can be ju ice pier circle powder countless, but always “a pier hard to find”.Data show that in the past half a month, more than 100 million people flocked to the official flagship store of The Olympic Tmall to guard bing Dundun, often “one second to show that there is inventory, the next second prompt is sold out.”On Beijing’s Wangfujing Street during the Spring Festival, people queued for hours in the cold wind to freeze themselves into ice, but failed to grab ice from the line.It is worth mentioning that, as the official partner of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Tmall is the only official online purchase channel of Bingdandan.Therefore, as soon as the news of the replenishment of millions of Ice dun dun came out, netizens rushed to tell each other and reminded each other “remember to set the alarm clock!””This time we can achieve freedom!”Source: Dahe Daily · Yu Video editor: Cattle in vibration