When you’re in a relationship, are you jealous of your partner’s ex?

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After a girl got married, she always asked her husband about her ex-girlfriend from time to time.He always likes to compare himself to his ex-girlfriend and let his husband choose who is better.Most of the time, the husband does not know how to answer, if the answer is yes, it is bound to make the girl angry, if the negative answer, she may not really believe.This number of times, her husband often will be made very embarrassed, to the last annoyed boy can only perfunctory, but perfunctory was exposed, and make two people are not happy.The ex-girlfriend is the husband’s first love, in order to preserve that beautiful memory, the husband saved the ex-girlfriend’s photo.That day, when the girl was cleaning the room, she found the photo. When she found that her husband, who claimed that he only loved her, still kept the photo of his ex-girlfriend, she was so jealous.When he came back, she had a big fight with him and even set the photos on fire.The husband looked at the burned photos, very angry, think she unreasonable, scolded the girl narrow-minded, but also deliberately in front of the girl, praise the good ex-girlfriend.The husband’s words, completely triggered the girl’s anger, she cried a, back to her mother’s home.Hating former rivals and ungrateful people is meaningless except to bring negative emotions to yourself.It only hurts you in the end, just like the girl in the story above, who didn’t realize that she hated her husband and hurt each other’s feelings.Apart from the first love, everyone may have a love that has become the past before they know each other.Why dwell on his past when it’s in the past?Everyone lives in the heart of a she (she), as long as he did not exceed the limit, as long as you love each other, we must believe him, relax, cherish the present life.1. When we start a relationship, how do we face our partner’s ex?If you obsess over your partner’s ex, what are you obsessing about?Whether they still have a connection, or whether they just have a past.Is it because your partner is obsessed with your ex, or because your ex is better than you?Sometimes, what we are confused about is not the problem itself, but the key point that we are struggling with.To solve the contradiction, the first is to communicate. In the face of the problems, we should have correct views and concepts, and we can openly express our own heart problems and doubts. Timely communication and solution are correct.2, to learn and your current partner to enhance the emotional communication between each other.Exes are unavoidable, existing facts, and you can’t erase them, because they really happened.There must be something about your ex that sticks in your mind. The only way to get him to forget about it is to create something nice that belongs to both of you.Improve your relationship with him. Only as your relationship grows and you have more fun and fun, will he naturally forget the only memories of his ex and focus on you.So instead of focusing on your ex, think about how you can work on your current relationship. The past will be diluted by time. What matters is what you have right now.3, Trust him, some things can be a blind eye, one eye.Some of the current concealment, maybe it is his last relationship wounds, he does not want to mention, or maybe just do not want to hurt the current relationship, he hopes that the relationship with the current can develop smoothly.Give him more space, care more about him emotionally, since it has passed, why do not put it?Enrich your time, enrich your inner.Confidence, you have to believe that you can become the person you want to become, and go for it.The maintenance of a section of feelings, light rely on the appearance level to support is not far, then the beauty of the scenery also has aesthetic fatigue, and a bearing and connotation is the real let feelings begin with the appearance level, trapped in talent.Two people in a relationship should have independent personalities and have their own opinions on things. Excessive dependence and control of either party is not conducive to the development of the relationship.Give each other a reasonable amount of space, but also arrange some hobbies in your free time.Sometimes stick together all the time not only cannot promote the development of feelings, feelings without any space, but can cause contradictions.Since the choice of the other half of the present, then do not go to tangle with his past, after all, he now loves you, have you.Fall in love, just love, firmly grasp the present feelings, do not tangle in the past.Holding on to the past not only makes you unhappy, but it also hurts your relationship. Don’t turn yourself into an ex!