Pre-sale box office broke 300 million!Spring Festival is the biggest black horse birth, Yi Yangqianxi into the biggest winner

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When it comes to the most surprising movie of the year, it has to be Changjin Lake;The film became a huge hit when it was released and is still a hot topic among fans today.In “Changjin Lake” the accumulation of great heat, its sequel “Watergate Bridge” has not been released on the very hot;Now the pre-sale box office is more than 300 million yuan crazy.Watergate Bridge’s $6.5 billion box office estimate is too conservative.At this rate, it won’t have a problem breaking the $7 billion mark;Faced with such a strong competitor, other Spring Festival films are really miserable.After all, the pre-sale box office of “Jangjin Lake” wasn’t this scary back then;In this way, the film can easily break the record of Jangjin Lake;Jackson Yi and Wu Jing will also be the biggest winners this Spring Festival.In addition to Watergate Bridge, Jackson Yi has another film, Miracle, scheduled for The Spring Festival.It is almost certain that Jackson Yi’s total box office will exceed 10 billion yuan during the Spring Festival.Wu Jing will also become the highest-grossing actor in China;There is no problem with exceeding 30 billion yuan. After all, there are too many blockbusters starring Wu Jing in 2022.Each one has the potential to be a hit, and this year is probably wu Jing’s year.It’s hard not to start the year with box office hits like Watergate Bridge.As a sequel to Jangjin Lake, Watergate Bridge was expected to be released during the National Day or summer holidays in 2022.Because there is a lot of content to shoot in the middle, I did not expect the crew to move so fast;All the reshoots were done so quickly.Also announced at the last minute in the Spring Festival;This will hit those early Spring Festival films;No wonder Mahua Funage’s movie The Big Family has been pulled from theaters;Estimate is not to see the hope of competition box office, so early exit contention.After watergate Was announced, the pre-Lunar New Year box office forecast changed;Originally we are optimistic about yi Yangqianxi starring “Miracle” and Shen Teng Liu Haoran starring “Four Seas” into the box office champion;Both films are also expected to make more than $2 billion at the box office.I don’t know if it will be like “I and My Fathers”, the box office in a billion or so;But with 2021’s Spring Festival ahead, it’s not out of the question to see two box-office hits;For example, “Hello Li Huanying” and “Detective Chinatown 3″ worked together to create box office miracles.Two dark horses are not out of the question this Spring Festival.”Watergate Bridge” crossed the $300 million mark in pre-sales, which is scary considering that many films this spring probably won’t gross that much.The other several films pre-sale box office combined did not a hundred million;Claiming his throne before watergate Bridge was released;Nor is there much chance of a dark horse this Spring Festival;After all, “Chosin Lake” and “Watergate Bridge” were made together.The quality of Jangjin Lake is well known to the audience.Then it’s not easy to pull the crotch between two parts of the same movie;It is also because of the excellent reputation and influence of “Changjin Lake” that “Watergate Bridge” is so hot;That’s why the production team rushed to release it this Spring Festival, trying to strike while the iron is hot.The main cast of watergate Bridge remains the same, except for Lei Gong, played by Hu Jun, who is offline;The other characters will be back in the next installment, with a lot of new elements added;For example, the ice sculpture company, which was criticized for having too few shots before, will be mainly described in this film.The famous Yang Gensi unit will also appear in Watergate Bridge;As one of the most important battles in history, the Watergate Bridge is a bitter battle for many volunteers.It was this battle that showed us the gap with the best countries in the world;Faced with American technology, the volunteer soldiers had no choice.In the process of three blast water gate bridge, the soldiers realized the gap of science and technology;The Americans repaired the bridge faster each time the volunteers bombed it three times.And the material is stronger and stronger every time, until the third use of steel bridge;The volunteer soldiers had no choice but to watch the Americans retreat.This was the best chance for the volunteers to inflict heavy damage on the Americans;Had it not been for the equipment gap, the war would have cost American troops blood;Unfortunately, after all, there is no if, the volunteer soldiers also missed the opportunity to hit the American army;The Americans escaped on the steel bridge, avoiding maximum damage.Though not a major blow to the Americans, the volunteers still played our part;To be able to fight with the Americans under such difficult conditions;It speaks volumes about the strength of the will and determination of the volunteers.When watching “Jangjin Lake”, I believe many viewers will remember this scene;At Christmas, our volunteer soldiers eat potatoes frozen to ice;On the other hand, the American soldiers were eating roast chicken and canned food, which was a sharp contrast.I don’t know how many audience saw this scene in the heart sour;Now our life is better, soldiers no longer have to eat frozen potatoes;After watching the movie, many people went home and tried to eat frozen potatoes.He found that the potato could not be bitten, and felt the difficulty of the volunteer army again.In the Spring Festival of family reunion, I believe that the audience watching the movie for happiness is particularly strong;It was young soldiers like us who sacrificed their lives and their reunions;In exchange for the happy life we have now;In such a festive day, also hope that we enjoy a happy life when remember these heroes;Remember how hard our lives are now.In recent years, the domestic entertainment circle has all kinds of dog blood events;This is very bad for the new generation of young people, so the country is at a time of lack of positive energy;That’s why 2021 will see so many blockbuster themes, whether educational or values;Are worthy of modern young people to inherit and learn.As a new generation of actor, Jackson Yi grew up just like Wu Wanli in the movie;He was a boy of nineteen who went to war;In the face of the death of his comrades and the cruelty of war;He grew up so fast that it took the war to change him from the naughty boy he had been;To become a man of indomitable spirit.In the last scene of jangjin Lake, there is a sad plot;On the train, Wu Wanli holds a bottle, if there is no accident;The bottle was his brother’s ashes, and in his hand was the blueprint of the house his brother had been dreaming of building for his parents.In addition to Wu Wanli, the soldiers of the seven companies almost all died;That’s how bad the war was, when this movie came out;It will bring audiences a feast of watching movies.The most successful part of Jangjin Lake is its battle scenes;The crew was willing to spend money on it, as the best part of “Changjin Lake”;Compared to Jangjin Lake, watergate Bridge will have more intense battle scenes.Audiences may have to bring paper with them;After all, it’s gonna be a lot of crying.At the end, do you think it comes out at this time;What scary number will Watergate Bridge reach?Code word is not easy, I hope I can give xiaobian a point of praise point of attention.