Isolating a building

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On January 27, a building in Chengli residential area, Tangzhen, Pudong New Area, was officially unsealed as the fourth nucleic acid wave ended.192 people in 90 households in the building have completed the 14-day “2+12” control (i.e., 2 days closed-loop management +12 days strict community health management, during which four nucleic acid tests were conducted on the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 14th days respectively), and everyone’s life and work will soon be on the right track.CAI Yanhua, secretary of the Party branch in Chengli Residential area, was slightly relieved that the “2+12” control was related to the local epidemic mentioned at a press conference on Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work on January 13.There is a resident in this corridor who is sub-close contact (to be transferred to centralized isolation), so the whole building where he is located needs to implement “2+12” management.Looking back, at 2 PM on January 14, CAI Yanhua, who was being interviewed by People’s Daily Online, received a “special” phone call from a town. After hanging up the phone, she stood up and said apologetically, “Sorry, we may have a building to close.”The building she mentioned was put under “2+12” control at the first time that afternoon.90 households 192 residents, accurate personnel information “this isolated corridor situation is a little different.Normal other corridor 16 also 32.This building is public rental housing, involving 192 people in 90 households.”This means that isolation corridors are two to three times more difficult to manage than other corridors.How to carry out orderly personnel removal, recall, nucleic acid?Cheng Li residential district party branch secretary CAI Yanhua.Yao Sijie recalled the scene of the day, CAI Yanhua said: “Before I received the phone call on January 14, I had received relevant information, but it has not been finalized.So WHEN I received the notice from the town prevention and control Office, I didn’t panic so much.”The original early in the news before confirmation, the neighborhood committee will be the building of all personnel information verified, confirmed the identity of all living personnel and family members.When the formal notice closed building, the neighborhood committee does not need to fire fire, a door to confirm, the whole data has been completely recorded in the book.This data was also confirmed in the first round of nucleic acid testing, and the information of public rental housing personnel was 100% accurate.The boots landed at 14:07 PM on January 14.On the one hand, the wechat group of the corridor and the wechat group of the volunteers of the corridor forwarded the notice and received the call in the first time. On the other hand, the staff of the neighborhood committee notified the people who did not participate in the call in time by phone and ensured that all the residents of the corridor were recalled to cooperate with the “2+12” management before the time limit.At 14:39, the first tent was set up.The corridor for two stairs six households, a total of 2 entrances and exits.Under the guidance of the town prevention and control office, the entrances and exits were locked, the elevator was stopped, and the personnel were on duty 24 hours a day;Temperature information of residents is collected twice a day through online questionnaire survey, with orange pattern in the morning and blue pattern in the evening, facilitating timely response…Wechat group, residents take the initiative to report temperature information.Photo of Chengli residential area for nucleic acid testing on January 14.Photo of Chengli residential area for nucleic acid testing on January 14.After the closed-loop management of map supply in Chengli residential area, the first nucleic acid test began at 18:30 and ended at 20:30.The elderly, the mobility of the elderly and pregnant women, by the medical staff home service.The second nucleic acid test began at 18:30 and ended at 19:30 on January 15.The third nucleic acid test is on January 20, starting at 21:00 and ending at 21:45.January 27th 21:00, ushered in the fourth nucleic acid test, because of rain, ended at 10:20.From the perspective of the previous three nucleic acids, the detection time was gradually shortened, and everyone’s cooperation was gradually tacit, and the whole process was in perfect order.The fourth nucleic acid test was completed.Cheng Li residential area for the map in the face of the unknown, residents have no confusion.CAI yanhua said: “This is really thanks to the town prevention and control office, property management, police, the support of the residents.The Party Committee and government of Tangzhen has made epidemic prevention and control precise in the region, letting all our social workers know when and what to do, and giving some guidance and training in regular meetings.”A party member who offers to help.Emergency drill for drawing supply in Chengli residential area.As early as November 2021, Tangzhen carried out COVID-19 community risk prevention and control emergency drills in every village, including emergency standby, close connection transfer, nucleic acid testing, emergency supplies disposal, daily necessities distribution, household waste disposal and other links.This also laid the foundation for the smooth closed-loop management of Building 13.”Does closed management mean that residents can’t order takeaway food or receive delivery?””No, we don’t forbid it.These items are put on shelves inside the cordon and residents can pick them up.””What about household waste?Will it be cleaned every day? “” Two-day closed loop is centralized collection, after disinfection and treatment.””2+12, of which 12 are community health management, can I go out?” “Not necessary.”On January 27, the “2+12” control of the building ended, and residents were jubilant.”It is the first time for us to meet the sub-contact personnel in our residential area, but we are sure.”Sun Xiaofeng, a young man born after 1985, is the secretary of the neighborhood Committee and the main person in charge of epidemic prevention and control in residential areas. He is responsible for a series of work, including the transfer of close contacts, screening of corridor personnel, blocking corridor, connecting with community hospitals and community police.Resident committee secretary Sun Xiaofeng.In his opinion, as long as the “sub-close connection” is clear, there is nothing to worry about and panic.”Once the neighborhood committee panics and the owners sense it and panic, things could go up a notch.According to our neighborhood committee analysis, the control of a corridor, the neighborhood committee’s own power plus the property is completely enough.”From receiving the message, recalling and sealing the building, closing management, strict community health management to the end of the management, every step needs to be solid.In CAI Yanhua’s opinion, it is precisely the seriousness of each exercise as actual combat, the certainty of every policy in mind, and the carefulness of each link that can accurately trace the source, clarify the responsibility, and implement the people, so that the base is clear, the situation is clear, and the data is accurate.Although the epidemic has become a normal situation, the chengli residential area is always nervous about epidemic prevention and control. All the social workers in the residential area, including CAI Yanhua, have their mobile phones turned on 24 hours a day.”We have an epidemic prevention and control group that will not be silenced. Even if there is a message at 3 am, they will subconsciously wake up to see if it is ours.”The social workers have been in a light sleep for more than 14 days.They said that they were always on call, even when residents came back from isolation in the early hours of the morning, they were the first time to put up a door seal and door magnets.(Editor: Ge Junjun, Han Qing) Let more people see sharing