Tomorrow cloudy weather continues “on duty”, 7 sunny resume “business”

2022-06-11 0 By

On the fifth day of the first lunar month, the cloudy weather in Hulun Buir continues to rise.Morning lows in most areas ranged from -22 to -28 degrees, 4-6 degrees warmer than yesterday.During the day, the highest temperature continues to warm up, most of the city in minus 15 degrees above, although the temperature rises, but the pastoral area slightly stronger wind, body feeling is still cold.On the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday, cloudy weather is expected to continue to “watch”, and sunny weather will resume “business” on July 7.Let’s look at the specific forecast.Tonight to tomorrow: cloudy with sunny skies throughout the city.Northwest wind force 3-4 everywhere.From tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow: sunny in the whole city, the southwest wind in pastoral areas and the western forest region will turn to westerly force 3-4, and the southwest wind in other areas will turn to westerly force 2-3.From the night of July 7 to the day of June 8: it will be sunny and cloudy in the whole city, and the southwest wind will be from grade 3-4 to Grade 4-5 in pastoral areas and forest areas, and from grade 2-3 in other areas.In terms of temperature, in the next three days, the lowest temperature will be around -24 degrees in pastoral areas and the western part of the forest region, while the northern part of the forest region will hover around -30 degrees.From the point of view of the maximum temperature, in the next three days, the temperature rose with small steps, the highest temperature in the eastern pastoral area and the north of the forest area was in the minus 10 degrees, the western pastoral area, the southern forest area and the agricultural area was less than minus 10 degrees.In particular, except for the eastern part of the pastoral area, the warm weather in other parts of the country rose to over minus 10 degrees Celsius on August 8.Please click enter picture description