The latest!SUV retention rate ranking update, Honda CR-V won the championship, Tuyue fourth, domestic only one

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Honda’s XR-V, Honda’S CR-V, Changan CS75, Toyota’s Randa and Volkswagen’s Tuyue will all surpass the 100,000 mark in sales in 2021.They have a good market performance and a reputation for quality, but what about their performance in terms of retention?Honda XR-V, Honda CR-V, Toyota Highlanda and Lexus LX all won the championship in this segment of the market respectively, while Volkswagen Tukai, Toyota RAV4 Rongfang, Volkswagen Tuyuk, Honda Crown road and BMW X3 models with outstanding market performance, are also very value-preserving.And the domestic SUV, known for its high cost performance, is a poor performance, only the luxury car red Flag HS5 a model into the list.The latest!SUV retention rate ranking update, Honda CR-V champion, Tuyue fourth, domestic only one!1. Honda XR-V won the champion of small SUV, with a three-year warranty rate of nearly 70%. Moreover, Honda XR-V also won the champion of small SUV sales in 2021.Yizawa, Tukai, IZOA and Toyota C-HR also ranked in the top five.The model that won the compact SUV retention rate champion is still from Honda, which is the joint venture SUV sales champion Honda CR-V in 2021. Toyota RAV4 Rongfang and Volkswagen Tuyue with annual sales of more than 100,000 also performed well, and Nissan Qi-Jun and Mazda CX-4 also entered the top five.Lexus UX, MINI COUNTRYMAN, forester, Mercedes GLA and subaru XV are the TOP5 compact SUV warranty models (more than 200,000 yuan). They are not mainstream models, but they have won the favor of many consumers with excellent reputation and product strength.Toyota Highlander is the most value-preserving medium SUV in the market. Highlander has always been the ideal model in the hearts of many consumers, and its reputation for quality is firmly in the top place, so Highlander is very value-preserving.3. Honda Guandao, Honda UR-V, Nissan Tuta and Hongqi HS5 are also ranked in the top five. Hongqi HS5 is the only domestic SUV in the list, and its three-year warranty rate is more than 60%, which is very good.The TOP5 medium-sized SUV warranty rates (more than 300,000) are porsche Macan, BMW X3, lexus NX, wrangler and Mercedes GLC. BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC are models with annual sales of more than 100,000, and their warranty rates are more than 70%, which is quite satisfactory.4. Finally, there are the list of mid-size and large-size SUVs with retention rates. The mid-size and large-size SUVs are Mercedes G Class, Toyota Prado, Porsche Cayenna, Lexus RX and Mercedes GLE, which are the top models in this field, with retention rates of prado exceeding 90%.The lexus LX, BMW X7, Navigator, Tula and Mercedes GLS made the list of large SUVs. The Mercedes GLS came in at no. 5, with a less than 70 percent warranty rate that was a surprise.