Faw Toyota Lingfang, born with “halo”

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Some people are “born with a halo.”The same is true in the rims.Take the faW Toyota Lingfang, for example, just appeared, won the title of “the most beautiful Toyota SUV”.And by the current “new delicacy” consumers in pursuit.And as soon as it came on the market, it won more than 7000 sales orders, which made other car circle “younger brother” people feel unworthy.Have to say, FAW Toyota in trying to figure out the consumer’s mind is more and more “perfect”.After all, in the appearance level as the first element of car selection today, Ling Fang alone with its outstanding appearance, has captured the hearts of countless consumers.Of course, The advantages of Ling Fang don’t stop there, high appearance level is only the first step towards mass consumer.His core product strength is his secret weapon to win the market.Today, we will appreciate the core strength of Ling Fang with you, and whether its driving quality can win the favor of consumers.First of all, from the genetic point of view, Lingfang not only inherited the design language of the first generation of HARRIER in terms of appearance level, but also inherited the characteristics of HARRIER in terms of car quality and positioning.Since the birth of the original HARRIER, it has taken elegance, high quality and high performance as its own label, and opened the market for Lexus in North America.Since then, HARRIER has also become as strong as luxury brands. In terms of intelligent technology and production technology, HARRIER has reached the standard of “quasi-Lexus”.In summary, HARRIER’s 24 years of overseas development has laid a foundation for its entry into the Chinese market.Today, the fourth generation of HARRIER faces the fussy post-90s with the identity of Ling Fang. After Rong Fang and Lu Fang, as a new member of the fang family, it still needs to show some real skills.Like the family Rongfang and Land Fang, LINGfang is based on TNGA-K platform, naturally inheriting the excellent quality of TNGA platform, high rigid body, low center of gravity chassis training, as well as the black technology of power system, which has laid a solid foundation for the surprise brought by LINGfang in control.The launch of THE LING Fang, a total of 2.0L self-priming and 2.5L hybrid two engines, today we focus on the ling Fang hybrid four-wheel drive version of the model.The 2.5L dual-engine version is equipped with Toyota’s world-leading brand-new hybrid power system (THS ⅱ). In terms of fuel consumption, NEDC working conditions are taken as the standard, and the overall fuel consumption is 4.5L/100km, which is worthy of the “hybrid benchmark” in the industry.However, efficient and fuel – saving vertical silky is just a basic skill, 2.5L dual-engine version in the e-four electronic four-wheel drive under the support, performance is also “very burst”.Compared to the two-wheel-drive model, the E-FOUR electronic four-wheel-drive system is equipped with a 40kW maximum power and 121N·m peak torque motor on the rear axle, in addition to the 88kW maximum power and 202N·m peak torque motor on the front axle. The two-wheel-drive system achieves a maximum output power of 163kW.From the driving experience, must want to boast a boast LingFang set-up of the accelerator pedal, its strength and dynamic response of the match is “sophisticated”, under the urban stop-and-go traffic, driving LingFang for the first time the author also can control the speed, when need to speeding up, a bit deep on the accelerator pedal, then can simulate eight gears transmission can quickly understand the author intention,The engine comes in, and the motor will play a supporting role at this time, and the push-back feeling when accelerating at full throttle can meet the power needs of most people.In terms of four-wheel drive performance, the high-performance E-FOUR electronic four-wheel drive system is advanced, robust and precise. It can automatically distribute the power of the driving wheel. When starting, the power of the front and rear wheels is distributed between 60:40-20:80, and when cruising, the power of the front and rear wheels is 100:0.The distribution of front and rear wheels will be adjusted to 100:0-20:80.Especially in the face of high-speed steering, the author can obviously feel the “strength” of the rear wheel, which ensures better tail tracking, better attitude control, and of course, can also improve the driver’s confidence.The driver can also clearly understand the power distribution situation through the 12.3-inch center control dashboard, and can be freely controlled on the large center control screen.Type for LingFang coupe SUV, LingFang turning radius is very small, really based on platform build ling TNGA – K on design are given at the beginning of a powerful DNA of the bend, with the cooperation of active steering auxiliary functions in ACA, LingFang has 5.5 meters super short turning radius, this in the circuit can lead to a more agile cornering performance, in the daily walking,You’ll get a sense of its agility in the u-turn scenario.In addition to the above characteristics, Ling on the safety has also achieved the same level of the first, to achieve the entry that is high with the whole system of active and passive safety standard.In terms of passive safety, seven SRS air pockets are standard for the entire lexang system, which protects every passenger in the car under the support of the highly rigid and lightweight body.The high rigidity body is developed with the goal of high grade crash safety, using high strength materials and hot stamping materials, so that the body has higher strength and flexibility to protect the driver.In terms of active Safety, lexa is equipped with the new generation Toyota Safety Sense (Toyota Collision Avoidance Assist Kit), which integrates PCS pre-collision Safety system, DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system, LTA lane tracking assist system and AHB automatic adjusting high beam system to reduce the probability of accidents.Make driving safer.In the appearance level is king of the era, ling Fang appearance level is naturally outstanding.The least Toyota-like Toyota is perhaps the most telling comment on its high level of appearance.After all, from the family doll design, which in the joint venture brand, is precious.But from a personal point of view, Ling Fang’s excellent design is not the same as denying his driving quality.Lingfang’s driving quality is more competitive at the same level.In particular, the excellent fuel economy brought by Toyota’s hybrid system and the off-road attributes brought by the all-wheel-drive function make the Lexa no longer a simple coupe SUV, but a model that can take you to see the world.Generally speaking, Under the brand concept of FAW Toyota Zhizhijing, LEXfang brings the best quality product experience and service to the majority of consumers.Believe that in the near future, Ling Fang must be a lever to move the mid-sized luxury SUV.