Did the Wolves make a big move?New lineup strength super BA milk bucket array!I don’t know. ES beat the Wolves by a hair

2022-06-11 0 By

Chongqing Wolves and Wuhan eStarPro are the two strongest teams in KPL division at present, so the outside attention of this game is very high. This season, the starting five and coaching staff of the two teams have not changed any. From the data of last season, Wuhan eStarPro strength is better.But if chongqing Wolves beat Wuhan eStarPro today, then their strength and confidence will definitely go to a higher level.Chongqing Wolves vs Wuhan eStarPro second game lineup analysis:This game Wuhan eStarPro got the wild “double assassin” combination, their lineup shun can flat push opposite inverse can find the opportunity to turn over, so this chongqing Wolves early must get the advantage and end wuhan eStarPro in the middle, otherwise they drag this lineup to the late odds are very low.Bottle: this hand Yang Yuhuan chooses very team, pig eight quit + Yang Yuhuan is double reply.Net friend: Chongqing Wolf team magnifies recruit.Sting: Yang Yuhuan is the “core”, Chongqing Wolves should have thought about it from the beginning.0-5 minutes: early Chongqing Wolves double group suppression Yi Zheng Yu Ji failed to be consumed by Yu Ji residual, so qing Rong to do not know the fire dance directly over the chongqing Wolves next tower to kill off the sail sail too b real take a blood opened the situation;After the Chongqing Wolves in the auxiliary fire killed Yi Zheng clear line Yu Ji back to the rhythm.5-9 minutes: Chongqing Wolves push Wuhan eStarPro tower was hit, although the Chongqing Wolves this lineup team war error tolerance rate is very high, but the flowers around the LAN approach is very invincible, so the final two sides played two for two;After the initiative of Wuhan eStarPro, fan fan was too b real choice to turn back to fight, the situation is not clear, but then qingrong do not know fire dance play kicked three people, so the final Chongqing Wolves team battle lost.9-13 minutes: although ziyang cattle magic big open very well but teammates can not keep up with the damage so finally sent, then Wuhan eStarPro choose 4 blunt 5, because the damage is missing a little so finally unashame Lu Bu died in battle.Aquarius: Chongqing Wolves lineup has a high error tolerance rate, even higher than BA black pineapple’s “milk bucket” error tolerance rate.13-16 minutes:Because Fly’s pig eight jie in the middle of the line was washed away by Wuhan eStarPro, so the two sides chose to swap dragons, but did not expect that Qingrong did not know the fire dance a fan to rob the shadow tyrant who was beaten by Jin Yuju Youjing, so after losing shuanglong, Chongqing Wolves high was forced to push out, now Wuhan eStarPro’s lineup has become an advantage.16-20 minutes: Wuhan eStarPro chongqing Wolves in high school, because Yi Zheng Yu Ji chongqing Wolves washed away so Wuhan eStarPro had to choose to retreat;After Wuhan eStarPro initiative to defeat defeat led to the loss of the shadow master, but then Chongqing Wolves because of the shadow tyrant was Wuhan eStarPro washed away two, so lost the next high, this wave of Chongqing Wolves instead of loss.20-21 minutes: Wuhan eStarPro successfully won the Storm Dragon King, but the other four chongqing Wolves still want to rob, so they were finally chased by Wuhan eStarPro, then Wuhan eStarPro wave of Chongqing Wolves won the second game.Aquarius (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) This one is always creating opportunities.Stinging pain: not the kui is do not know fire melt.Pig hum: I don’t know fire dance too bright, always find a chance.Madman: Qingrong’s unknown fire dance 2 skills are directional.Net friend: Qingrong good invincible ah this bureau game MVP to Wuhan eStarPro single player Qingrong unknown fire dance.