A father in Hunan killed a chicken and stewed soup at 2 a.m. and drove 500 kilometers to visit his daughter, who was in hospital waiting for delivery

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For Li, who turned 52 this year, 2018 has been a miserable year in his life.In response to the call of The Times, Lao Li and his wife have had only one child in their 30 years of marriage, their daughter Xiaona.Daughter far marry small old li and lover to this only daughter is regarded as a pearl in the palm of the eye, to the stars do not give the moon, the little princess to develop a spoiled temper.There are parents love the girl is always a lot of courage along the body, xiaona was admitted to the university of other places, although the mother does not give up, but still let her daughter go out.The Old Li couple always felt that their home-loving daughter had spent enough time away from home, so they would naturally come back to them and find safe jobs in nearby cities, so that they could spend the rest of their lives with their baby daughter.But Xiaona always brings them a bigger shock, xiaona graduated from university, decided to go back to her boyfriend’s city development with her boyfriend at that time.This suddenly let Lao Li feel difficult to accept, daughter unexpectedly decided to marry far away, the whole year can not go home.The old Li who loves his daughter very much feels that her heart should be broken, and she only blames herself for giving her daughter too much freedom.Xiao Na had made up her mind, and Lao Li could not stop her any way to persuade her, as if “I will elope if you do not agree”.Daughter married day and night miss in xiaona’s strong request, Lao Li also had to agree with her to follow her boyfriend to the city 500 kilometers away from home.Fortunately, Xiaona’s husband is good to her, and the family also regards this girl as their own, which finally did not let the cracks in Lao Li’s heart expand again.Corna and her husband spent several years mixing oil with honey.As the young couple saw their affection and hope, they began to think of having a child.Because they are both young and have regular lives, Xiaona succeeded in conceiving a healthy baby without a long pregnancy.Hearing the news, Lao Li was both happy and anxious.Happy is, he can be a grandfather, can enjoy the same as others;Sorrow is, xiaona alone in the city over there, in case there is anything uncomfortable without a care.When hearing the news, Xiao Na arrived at the second half of pregnancy, she really answered Lao Li’s concerns.She started having frequent pregnancy symptoms, couldn’t eat, and was bloated.The doctor suggested that xiaona do not engage in too much labor, the best in the hospital quiet to protect the fetus, in order to safely through the second half of pregnancy.Xiaona did not want to let Lao Li worry, has not told them their hospitalization.However, the relatives who often contact with xiao Na could not notice the strange, once, when Lao Li’s wife and daughter on the phone, accidentally cut the video, saw her daughter’s hospital gown and the background of the hospital.Lao Li jumped up and asked her daughter how it happened.Cortana had to truthfully and parents said that they have to be hospitalized to protect the fetus until the birth of things.Hearing this, Lao Li could not sit still. His mother still had a job and could not take care of xiao Na every day.After discussing it with his wife, Lao Li decided to go to Xiao Na’s city to take care of her.Drive thousands of miles to send warm think of the things to bring her daughter, Lao Li is really countless, his trunk is filled with xiaona love to eat specialty.At that moment, Lao Li’s wife said to him, “My daughter loves your soup very much. Otherwise, bring her some fresh soup.”So Lao Li began to pick up the ingredients in the middle of the night, pot stew, thick fragrance in Lao Li’s home, slightly soothe some of the two people anxious mood.Considering his wife’s health, Li decided to drive to Xiaona’s city and then take the high-speed train there.He couldn’t wait to start again at dawn. At two o ‘clock in the morning, loaded with the stew, Lao Li’s car flew off to his daughter like an arrow.Poor parents all over the world, the daughter’s distant marriage has made the old couple heart, plus the daughter in the distance suffering, and what pair of parents can sit at home?When girls get married, they should take their parents’ feelings into consideration. Don’t let them wait for news from you all the time.Editor’s note: this article is a story based on a real event. the pictures and information come from the Internet.If there is infringement, please remind to delete.