283!Black Pearl restaurant Guide for 2022Six stores in Chongqing made the list

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With the upgrading of residents’ consumption, Chinese people are increasingly pursuing healthy, delicious and exquisite food, and Black Pearl Restaurant has quietly become a food vane in the eyes of contemporary diners.On March 31, the latest “Chinese own food list” — the “2022 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide” (hereinafter referred to as the “2022 Black Pearl”) was officially released and launched on meituan App and Dianping App.Now in its fifth year, the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide also marks the intersection of eastern and Western culinary civilizations.In 2022, out of 736 finalists worldwide, 283 diamond restaurants stood out, covering 22 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau, Hong Kong, Taipei, Chengdu and Chongqing, as well as four overseas cities including New York, Bangkok, Singapore and Paris (Tokyo suspended publication this year due to the epidemic).There are 6 restaurants in Chongqing on the list, including Yan Set Hotpot Restaurant, Regent Hotel Robbins Steakhouse, Qian Yueming Vegetarian Private Banquet, Gudao Main Restaurant, Meili Kitchen Restaurant (Palm Springs restaurant) and Yu Tu.Compared with last year, the 2022 Black Pearl list is further enriched, with a group of emerging modern flavors represented by Beijing Nordic cuisine Refer and Wild Yeast, a Chinese-French fusion restaurant in Hangzhou, making the list for the first time.With the high-quality development of the catering industry, the number of three diamond restaurants in China is growing.”Black pearl restaurant guide” the first Chinese taste buds evaluation standard, include cooking level, experience and inheritance innovation from three aspects, at the same time, also invited senior diners, food experts and researchers, cooking food culture disseminator of anonymous to score, dedicated to provide food lovers with an authority and professional guide.Higher quality, domestic three drill added 2 culture of a city, often closely related to food.As once the largest city in the Far East, Shanghai not only brings together various regional cuisines of China, but also takes the lead in introducing Western food, forming a highly inclusive Shanghai food culture.As a barometer of fine dining consumption in China, It has been the city with the most restaurants on the Black Pearl list for five consecutive years.Beijing, Hong Kong and Chengdu ranked second to fourth in the number of restaurants on the 2022 Black Pearl list, while Hangzhou and Guangzhou tied for fifth.The number of black Pearl restaurants in Beijing has increased for four consecutive years, and non-Chinese food categories continue to be rich. The capital is becoming a new center for international food integration.As for “food in old Guangzhou”, the persistence of food flavor makes Guangzhou the city with the highest proportion of new entries in China, with more than 30% of restaurants being selected for the first time.In addition, among the new first-tier cities, Hangzhou and Chengdu ranked first and second in terms of the number of newly listed restaurants. The sophisticated Zhejiang cuisine and the passionate Sichuan cuisine once again conquered the taste buds of diners.From the diamond grade distribution of selected restaurants in 2022, the overall development trend of higher quality, three diamond restaurants not only increased in number, in all selected restaurants also accounted for a larger proportion.Among 283 black Pearl restaurants, 16 are considered “once in a lifetime”, 63 are “must eat for anniversaries”, and 204 are “must eat for parties”.Compared with last year, there are two more black Pearl restaurants in 2022 in China. There are one restaurant in Beijing and one in Shanghai.In addition, more than 30% of the three Diamond restaurants in the list are from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao cities, and the Greater Bay Area has been the cluster of High Diamond restaurants for five consecutive years.Kristoffer Luczak, Vice President of F&B Administration of Wynn Macau LTD., representing the restaurants listed in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, said, “Guests from the Mainland are increasingly seeking high quality food and beverage. They follow the Black Pearl restaurant guide and come to wynn Macau and Wynn Palace to check out the restaurants.We are honored to have Wynn’s restaurants on this list, and hope that through the ‘Black Pearl Restaurant Guide’, mainland visitors will have a better understanding of Macau as a ‘culinary capital of creative cities’, as well as the diverse tourism vitality of the Greater Bay Area.”From more than 20,000 years ago, when people mastered grain cooking, to today, food has crossed the boundaries of mountains, oceans and deserts and become a natural medium for the intersection of civilizations.Since its first release in 2018, Black Pearl has been dedicated to exploring the diversity and inclusiveness of Chinese food culture.Compared with last year, the variety of black Pearl cuisine in 2022 has further increased, covering a total of 41 dishes, mainly Chinese cuisine such as Chaoshan cuisine, Ningbo cuisine and Hunan cuisine.Chaoshan cuisine has seen the fastest rise in the past four years, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 31%.The list from the point of regional distribution of cuisine, Shanghai cuisine restaurant, the most abundant distribution, a total of 21 kinds of Chinese food accounted for 58%, chaoshan cuisine in Shanghai, ningbo and other overseas cuisines, such as two drill for three consecutive years of ningbo cuisine yong fu to three drill this year, for five consecutive years of three drill hemicyenine jubilee hui (hongqiao shop) to chaoshan braised food goose head to Shanghai.A total of 112 non-Chinese restaurants received professional recognition of the 2022 Black Pearl, further increasing their share of the overall list.It is reported that the number of black Pearl non-Chinese restaurants in mainland China has shown a growth rate of nearly 10% for two consecutive years. With the increasingly close cultural exchanges between Chinese people and the world and the increasingly diverse and confident food consumption, more and more Chinese and non-Chinese restaurants also show a trend of continuous integration and innovation in the selection of ingredients, cooking techniques and other aspects.For example, The Beijing Nordic restaurant Refer, newly listed and awarded the first black Pearl in 2022, follows the characteristics of seasonality, sustainability and local ingredients. Huairoou chestnuts, fermented persimmon, summer peach and other local ingredients are integrated into dishes to give diners a brand new taste experience.The Pine Stream is a perfect combination of The unique flavor of Chinese food and The cooking skills of French food. Dried prunes, water chestnuts and daffodils commonly found in people’s baskets in The South of The Yangtze River are also served on European tables.The first trial of black pearl not only provides a reference for Chinese people to make decisions on high-quality consumption, but also becomes a window for the world to understand The story of Chinese food.Zhang Chuan, senior vice president of Meituan, said, “With consumption upgrading, people are accelerating the shift from ‘well-fed’ to ‘well-fed’, and fine dining in China is also changing from a small demand to a daily one. Black Pearl hopes to provide more professional help to people in their pursuit of a better life.”In order to fully ensure the fairness and justice of the evaluation system, the 2022 Black Pearl has optimized the board structure, added honorary directors, and openly recruited judges from the whole society.In the black Pearl jury lineup, the proportion of senior diners has increased to 75 percent and remain anonymous, with less than 5 percent of the judges selected for five consecutive years.One judge who was selected four years in a row once said, “After four years of audition, I still don’t know who else is a judge in the same city.”It is reported that the 2022 Black Pearl will also be the first trial of the “Black Pearl Restaurant Guide and judges integrity cooperation standards”, once found and verified that the restaurant has illegal behavior, will cancel the restaurant’s results this year, and the list will be processed.In the second quarter of this year, the 2022 Black Pearl Award Ceremony will be held at Wynn Palace in Macau, inviting famous chefs and industry insiders from all over the country to participate in the event and communicate with each other. At that time, black Pearl will also announce more upgrading measures to create a more professional and comprehensive food list and promote the high-quality development of China’s fine dining industry.Upstream news reporter Tu Yuan