Zhangjiakou Genting Venue group: Winter Olympics torch ignites passion for work

2022-06-10 0 By

Yangyuan Olympic Medical security team (from left) Li Dahong, Yang Qiting, Zhang Liya watch the torch relay in Genting Stadium.Teams of volunteers watch the torch relay at the Genting stadium.Bian Fuchao (right) and Zhao Longfei, who used to work in Xiaoertai Town, Zhangbei County, watch the torch relay at the Genting Stadium, cheering for Desheng Village and cheering for the Winter Olympics.On February 3, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay was carried in Zhangjiakou.The team members of Genting Venue Group watched the live broadcast through zhangjiakou News Network, zhangjiakou Microblog, Zhangjiakou Mobile channel and other media belonging to Zhangjiakou News media Group, and cheered for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games together.Photo by Wu Diansen [Dai Meichao]