Xi ‘an High-tech Zone strives to ensure the uninterrupted production of key enterprises such as Samsung and Micron

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Key enterprises are the ballast stone for the economic development of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, and ensuring the resumption of work and production of key enterprises is to ensure economic development.Since the epidemic prevention and control work began, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone has made solid progress in implementing various prevention and control measures, combining supervision with service, actively opening up logistics lines for enterprises, establishing passage lines for employees to return to work, guiding enterprises to do epidemic prevention and control work, and making every effort to ensure that key enterprises do not stop production.At present, with the strong support of departments at all levels of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, Samsung, Micron and other key production enterprises in the zone have realized full production.On December 23, 2021, logistics will be affected after the city’s control upgrade.Key companies such as Samsung and Micron have encountered difficulties in transporting raw materials, spare parts and hazardous waste. They are at risk of shutting down production at any time, as well as environmental pollution and production safety risks.”To ensure the uninterrupted production of key enterprises, the first thing to ensure smooth logistics.”According to the relevant person in charge of the high-tech comprehensive insurance Zone, in order to ensure that the production of raw materials in enterprises, products go out, they based on the actual situation, think about the enterprise, urgent enterprise urgent, first from the guarantee of transportation, to help enterprises to solve problems.The zone immediately launched an emergency response mechanism and responded quickly, focusing on the requirements of “preventing import from abroad and preventing rebound from within”. In accordance with the Measures for Traffic Inspection and Control of Logistics Transport Vehicles in Xi ‘an High-tech Zone during Epidemic Prevention and Control issued by the Headquarters of Epidemic Prevention and Control of The Zone, the zone made every effort to ensure smooth logistics of enterprises.According to the measures, the high-tech zone will take the Samsung Toll Gate on the expressway as a green channel for logistics and transportation of key enterprises. After centralized reporting and preparation of incoming and outgoing vehicles, the zone will realize efficient passage in accordance with the principles of “vehicle elimination, people leaving the vehicle, unloading (loading) immediately”, “the upper and lower mouth” and “whoever applies is responsible”.At the same time, the high-tech zone public security, traffic police, traffic, epidemic prevention and other departments also actively cooperate, day and night on duty at the toll station, to help enterprises to do a good job in the key epidemic areas of vehicles and personnel inspection, monitoring and elimination work.In recent days, all departments have made concerted efforts to coordinate and guarantee the daily traffic of key enterprises’ raw materials and other key materials of more than 300 vehicles, up to 462 vehicles per day at peak times, with a total of more than 8,000 vehicles for transportation and logistics of enterprises, effectively ensuring the normal production and operation of enterprises.It is the primary productive force of the enterprise to open up the “passage line” for employees to return to work. However, during the epidemic period, lockdown and road control in communities and normal commuting of employees have become the top priority for the enterprise.In this regard, how does the high-tech zone ensure the normal commuting of employees returning to work?The person in charge of the high-tech comprehensive insurance zone introduced that they actively contacted relevant departments of the province, city and district as well as street offices and communities on the premise of finding out the bottom line and making clear the situation, so as to eliminate the obstacles for employees to return to work as much as possible.After the employees arrived at work, they strongly supported the continuous production and resumption of production in accordance with the “point-to-point closed-loop employment” method, which not only effectively implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, but also supported economic development.The specific approach is that the relevant departments of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone will first issue a continuous production certificate, so that the street offices and communities where the employees of the enterprise know the particularity of the enterprise in the first time, and remove obstacles for the employees to arrive on time.Subsequently, coordinated provincial and municipal units, brother districts and counties, to meet the conditions of the staff to release, to ensure that the core employees of the enterprise as far as possible to return to work.Finally, through the “peer-to-peer” commuter management approach, to guide employees unity on specified commute from special hotel, working vehicles, workplace personnel fixation, transport, hotel, designed point material is equipped with four “totally enclosed” closed loop management, to ensure no production enterprise employees commuting to normal.Up to now, with the full cooperation of various departments, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone has successively assisted Samsung, Micron, Licheng and other employees to return to work from various districts, counties and development zones, and issued 684 “point-to-point” commuter vehicle passes to enterprises, ensuring that the resumption rate of enterprises in the zone is above 65%.In particular, key manufacturers such as Samsung and Micron are operating at full capacity with sufficient personnel.Although the epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, we must not let go of our efforts to prevent and control the epidemic.In order to ensure the absolute safety of enterprises during continuous production, the high-tech Zone actively coordinates medical and medical forces to help enterprises do nucleic acid screening for employees, so as to ensure the full coverage of “no leakage of one person and one enterprise”.And actively coordinate relevant units to help enterprises do a good job in daily environmental eradication, medical security and other epidemic prevention and control work.In addition, the zone has dispatched special teams for epidemic prevention and control to key enterprises, supervised them to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures and requirements, assisted them to solve all kinds of difficulties under closed operation, and maintained the wartime status to deal with risks at the scene of emergencies as soon as possible.It is worth mentioning that since the epidemic prevention and control, high heald area insist grasping epidemic prevention, grasping services, make full use of the epidemic prevention and control work group and the relevant person in charge of more than 100 enterprises 190 close communication, isolation, for enterprise employees commuting requirements, material transport, treating medical problems, such as online solutions, service 24 hours a day.At the same time, the wechat group released policy guidelines on epidemic prevention and control, information on medium-high risk areas, and information on the opening of key hospitals and pharmacies, and strengthened publicity on epidemic prevention and control, so that enterprises could learn about the work requirements and measures of the headquarters in the high-tech Zone in time.Recently, under the protection of a series of effective measures in Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, Samsung, Micron and other key guarantee enterprises have achieved zero infection of more than 10,000 people and zero accidents in production safety during continuous production.This has not only won unanimous praise from enterprises, but also laid a solid foundation for the steady economic development of high-tech zone.(Gao Xinrong Media Reporter Yang Hao)