The preferred vehicle for visiting friends and family, The Huff Dog helps navigate complex roads

2022-06-10 0 By

Spring Festival time, in addition to extended/priest home New Year, also cannot little and old friends together, I and the friend friend, can saying is grew up wearing a pair of pants, but after graduation work, go to different cities, can only get together during the Spring Festival, now, it is a good time for the party, several of us decided to field stimulation of skiing.And booked a famous farmhouse in advance, had a hot pot stew, had a good talk about this year’s experience, said to go, let’s go, driving a Big Dog!The place we went skiing was in a snow country, so it was inevitable to walk a section of snow road. Therefore, my city + off-road Huff dog was promoted to this trip.Picking up my friends, we started our journey. In the car, these people started talking and asked me about Haverdog and repeatedly emphasized that Haverdog was good-looking. To tell the truth, one of the main reasons for buying Haverdog was its high appearance level.Different from the temperament of other SUVs, The Harvard Dog has a unique fashionable wild temperament, which is full of vitality and vitality, and fits the aesthetic of urban youth.In addition, its local design is also quite careful, with LED headlights in the shape of dog eyes, after lighting, the overall sense of toughness and sense of science and technology.In order to save time and quickly enjoy the fun of skiing, I decided to take the high speed. Once on the high speed, I turned on the ACC full-speed adaptive cruise function, which enabled The Haverdog to accelerate and decelerate intelligently, keep following the car safely, and follow the car in front to stop and start.In fact, in addition to ACC full speed adaptive cruise function can relieve my long-distance driving fatigue, to ensure safe driving, it also has a lot of intelligent “magic”, full voice control, full scene integration parking, reversing tracking…To know, the complexity of urban traffic is unimaginable, morning and evening peak is the same as “ferry robbery”, a little careless, there will be scratch and minor accidents, and I “artifact” in hand, natural to prevent accidents.Started the massiness and creaking under the high speed way in the snow, I would have to know the destination, when looking forward to look forward to how to play, the harvard big dog tilt to the left, then, it is in the car, his friends said, just want to get off the cart, I immediately stopped, it is time to show “out of artifact” two lock, I have a key to open two locks,A few times will drive out of the friends expressed surprise again, there is no way, this is the charm of hafu big dog.Stimulate self-denying ski finally realized, we seemed to find the kind of happy childhood, an iron stew, we talking past one year, and said the former things, more intimate relationship, on the other hand, didn’t end of this year’s lunar New Year holiday, we have some good activities by this time next year, the preliminary plan is to go to bubble hot spring,And the ride is my acclaimed Harvard dog!