The fifth day of the New Year, welcome fortune na wealth Qi Pengcheng!Rocket Academy New Year limited red envelope cover delivered!

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The fifth day of the first month is also called “break five” during the Spring Festival all taboos to today can break the folk customs on this day to ward off evilYing fu na fortune “break five” is the meaning of “send in” after this day is about to start getting ready for a new round of busy work and study in 2022 marks the 65th anniversary of the rocket courtyard built courtyard rocket courtyard and the rocket court people struggle more clearly the coordinates of the pace of striving more determined we will struggle to win every mission a complete success win more glory and we specially for youPrepare a full of sincerity ↓ Rocket Academy limited edition red envelope cover 650 come to get it!Get way to spell hand speed!Both have no!Click the picture below to receive the art editor: Feng Miaoran editor: Gao Shiqi supervisor: Wang Su