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When hangzhou Daily’s “Our Genius Son” flooded the screen, I mistook it for selling a book and didn’t read it. Today, I just read it once. I can’t tell whether I am moved, sad, helpless or shocked.I guess Kim Sung-yong, 80, is asking society to help me take care of Kim Hyo-woo……Many of the world’s breakthroughs are the work of geniuses, and geniuses are gifted because they are ahead of their time or because they have special endowments, especially when something in the body is out of balance — mental illness, by medical definition — often incompatible with the environment.In fact, the world is not lack of genius, but lack of genius growth environment, the vast majority of the dust is unknown.Kim sung-yong mentioned that the book “Manic-depressive many talents,” Beethoven, Van Gogh, Newton, Hemingway…All have classic signs of bipolar disorder.The title of the book does not sound like a rigorous academic work, but the story of Van Gogh is well known. If the Dutch of the 19th century were not tolerant, the world would not have Van Gogh, nor the great Sunflower. Of course, his absence does not affect anything, but it is mediocre.Before Jin Xiaoyu became a genius translator, every step was a trap, and every step could be buried. It took a thousand mishaps to make him what he is today.He lost his sight in one eye accidentally in childhood, and was diagnosed as manic depression (bipolar disorder) by the hospital in his first year of high school.When he was depressed, he became depressed. When he was manic, he hurt people and destroyed things. For ordinary families, he would have given up.Honest and honest intellectual families cannot be said to be short of money, nor will they have too much money.Jin Xiaoyu attempted suicide twice, Jin Xingyong learned that: usually this kind of patients after one or two suicide attempts rarely have this idea, they will cherish life than before, some will be extraordinary in the spiritual field, and even show genius creativity.Mr. Kim found the book mentioned above.I don’t think he would deliberately create a genius, in fact, he can’t create, he can’t know where this burst of creativity will lead, he didn’t know jin Xiaoyu had read all the foreign language novels in Zhejiang Library.Jin xiaoyu teaches himself foreign languages. Neither he nor his parents are aiming for fame one day. It’s just a pastime to pass the time.In the parents’ mind, nothing is important, no school, no college, no job, no family, we can accept it – as long as he is alive, this is the humblest parental prayer.So don’t read it wrong, it’s not an inspirational story.The decisive turning point for Jin xiaoyu came when, at the age of 38, his mother attended a reunion at NTU. One of her classmates, who had been teaching at the school, learned that his son had no job and spoke two foreign languages and brought him a novel to try to translate.It was soon translated, without miswords, sentences or mistranslations, even better than the original. The editor was amazed and never stopped. In 10 years, he translated 22 books, covering many fields such as fiction, film, music and philosophy.No translator can cross so many boundaries at once. It’s not a product specification. All translation is a second creation.I don’t know how Kim Did it.The latest translation and publication is “The Letters of Benjamin”, it is difficult to understand Benjamin’s thoughts, let alone translation?Jin Xiaoyu may have experienced countless turning points, almost every turning point pointed to disaster, every time it was his parents who pulled him back from the edge of the cliff, so that he could not see hope for decades, nothing else, just to keep him alive.If he had not been born in such a family, met his parents who loved him unconditionally, and his mother had a classmate who was a professor at NTU, if these unreproducable coincidences had not gathered on him, he would have more likely withered in a mental hospital and never blossomed.Jin Xiaoyu is a special case.When God closes a door, he opens a window. There is no such thing.I don’t know how many more Kim Hyo-woo will never emerge in the dark.Jin Xiaoyu’s story is touching. After being touched, more people will pay attention to this special group.Mr. Kim was hospitalized again in October, around the time his mother, who had been trading stocks to save money for her son, died.At the age of 80, Jin Xingyong knew that he was unable to support Jin Xiaoyu’s future life. After dealing with his wife’s death, he called the column of “Hangzhou Daily” in the funeral parlour. Could he write about my genius son?The reporter wrote very restrained, but conveyed what he wanted to say, using the title of “Our Genius son”, hoping that the society would complete the relay from “I” to “we”. After all, genius belongs to the whole society, and the whole society will benefit from the contribution of genius.There is no shortage of translations in the book world, but good ones are few and far between.College professors translated Chiang Kai-shek into Chang Kai-shen and Mencius into Memphis, and some of the translations began with a sick sentence. The price of 50 or 60 yuan per thousand words would not change because of Jin Xiaoyu, but Jin Xiaoyu was able and willing to do the best job.He’s worth it.Enjoy a translation by Jin Xiaoyu and see how he turns 26 letters into charming Chinese: Suddenly, I was outside, in the cold, dark, shining night, and the stars were blinking in surprise.I can smell the pine trees and hear the wind in the branches.My head is spinning.Something was stirring inside me, longing to surge out into the darkness.All of a sudden, I saw clearly the secret I had not seen for so long. Chaos was nothing but a myriad of ordered things coming together.The wind, the stars, the water on the rocks, the whole fast-moving, seemingly crumbling world.I stumbled in the darkness, arms outstretched, embracing the dark world.”