Look at this “Changsha red”!Workers in Liuyang jumped into an icy pond to save four lives

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“Thumbs up for organized labor cadres!””A true party member, but also a superhero.””The hero around, salute!”…On February 3, a piece of news full of warmth and heat swept the Internet in the moments of friends — the story of long Qiangjun, a “post-90s” cadre of the Organization Department of Liuyang Municipal Party Committee, saving people in the cold pond quickly spread all over the land of Xingcheng, Hunan and Sishui.Liuyang organized labor cadres Long Qiangjun road vehicle fell into the water – on the second day of the lunar New Year, he jumped into the cold pond rescued a family of four hunan Daily · new Hunan client reporter Wang Wenlong “my!The car went into the pond!”On February 2, the second day of the New Year, around 11 o ‘clock in the morning, Liuyang Municipal Party Committee organization Department cadres Long Qiangjun with their relatives to pay a New Year’s visit, the van to Hutian Town guanghui village, Xiangxiang City, his sister-in-law sitting in the front row saw a car in front of the side into the roadside pond.”No!Sitting in the third row of Long Qiangjun immediately climbed to the door of the car, ran to the pond not far away, while leaving the phone, jumped down.The winter water was so cold that it rushed up to his chest.Three or four meters away from the bank of the pond, a black car was sinking slowly and would soon be submerged.At the window, a small child showed his head and shouted “Help me”.Long Qiangjun quickly dragged the child out of the past, firmly embrace sent ashore.The surrounding villagers immediately took the children inside and changed clothes to keep warm.’There must be someone else in there!Longqiangjun then returned to the pond.By this time the vehicle was “on all fours in the air”, turned upside down.The situation is more critical!Too late to think, Long Qiangjun tried to open the door, but tried several times, no door can open.He called villagers who had gathered on the shore for help, and two men and a woman joined the rescue.We will turn over the body together, and someone handed over a shovel, Long Qiangjun took a shovel to hit, the window was finally broken open.”Help us, my family of four, two adults, two children.”The trapped male driver came out of the water to call for help.Long Qiangjun a line of people will first save the second child out, in order to ensure that the male owner is not in danger of life, decided to save his wife.Because the other side of the car is still submerged in the water, no one can be seen, can only rely on the sense of orientation to find.Longqiangjun search in the water, suddenly touched each other’s clothes, immediately grabbed the clothes will be dragged out.The owner’s wife was soaked in water and her skin turned white.’But don’t be hurt!Thinking, Long Qiangjun hand, continue to pull people out, until the other side’s head out of the water.”I saw her body was still, but her eyes were still moving.”The woman was eventually rescued after local people joined forces to perform CPR on her, Long said.Until the male owner finally successfully rescued, Long Qiangjun this just felt cold, straight shiver.On the way home, he found that his frozen hands were slashed and bleeding.On that day, the temperature in Xiangxiang around zero degrees Celsius, the water was bone-chilling.”It’s worth it to be able to save four lives on your own. It doesn’t matter if you get a little hurt.”In an interview with reporters on February 3, Long qiangjun said: “As a Party official, when the masses are in danger, the first thing to do is to stand up for them;As for the second one, I feel at ease that I can save them all.”