Jincheng: Developing small programs to help precise epidemic prevention and control

2022-06-10 0 By

“Please show me the pre-registration information when you return to Jin…”Recently, in jincheng high-speed railway east station exit, the reporter saw the staff seriously check each back to jin personnel advance declaration of information.But this scene is not unfamiliar, since the launch of the epidemic prevention and control work, Jincheng all weather, no dead corner to good every traffic jam.Before and after the Spring Festival, the personnel flow is large, the pressure of external prevention is huge.In order to build the “isolation wall” of epidemic prevention and control, according to the requirements of “make good use of big data to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control” put forward by Jincheng city, the city’s epidemic prevention and control leading group immediately arranged the city’s epidemic prevention and control information team to develop the “Advance declaration and registration of Returning Personnel” (also known as “Jinlaideng”) system.”Before New Year’s Day this year, we received the development task, immediately organized staff to carry out work.Finally, miniprogram was officially launched on the evening of January 14.”Jincheng epidemic prevention and control information special class staff, the city of big data application Bureau industrial guidance section director Jing Jianbo said.It is understood that the registration system includes: personal name, ID number, mobile phone number, place of departure, destination, specific address, mode of transport and train number, emergency contact name and contact information and other important information.At the same time, Jincheng also for the city’s 6 counties (cities, districts), 85 towns (streets) and all villages (communities) neighborhood committees to establish a dedicated login account and password, convenient for the first time in the system to view the area within the jin personnel information.The start of the small program online, can accurately identify the personnel information.Jincheng Development zone East saint community Party branch secretary Wang Junyong has a deep experience: “the original want to know whether the community to return to Jin personnel, mainly rely on the initiative of the staff, and is to rely on the investigation of community staff.Now with this program, we can take different control measures based on the information of the people who come back, and really do not miss a single person, precise control.”According to statistics, more than 24,000 pieces of information have been collected after “Jinlaideng” system was launched more than 10 days ago, effectively building a solid defense line against input outside Jincheng city.In addition to the “Jinlai Login” system, over the past year, Jincheng has also developed nucleic acid testing registration system, key population registration system, location code, etc., which have all been put into use and achieved good results, giving full play to the scientific and technological means of big data and information technology, boosting the city’s accurate epidemic prevention and control.Jincheng WeiJianWei party members, deputy director of the Zhao Jin will say: “the next step, we will communicate with the city bureau of big data applications, further through the jin to insert system, key population registration system and sites, code and nucleic acid detection system database, timely, convenient, accurate grasp the epidemic situation in the city, carrying, powerful work.”Our reporter Cui Zhenhai