Fame is not high sales but hot, zero run T03 rely on what move young consumers

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In new energy market have different brands, there are joint venture car, independent brand vehicles, this is also because of the rapid development of automobile technology and policy changes, there are a number of building cars new forces, including zero run car, believe that there are a lot of people never heard of this name, it didn’t also way, its establishment time is shorter, but while awareness is not high,The sales volume of its Zero-run T03 is quite good, with orders of nearly 10,000 units in November 2021 and sales volume of more than 6,000 units in January 2022. Although it cannot be compared with Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, its brand is enough to prove the status of this car in the hearts of consumers. Today, let’s briefly talk about how it impreses consumers.In terms of appearance, zero-run T03 and other minicars all adopt a relatively round and lovely style. The “smile curve” on the front face shows an affinity. The round headlights on both sides are big eyes, and the size is very large.It can be seen from the side of the body that it is a “big man” in the minis. The waist line goes up through the body, and the waist line of the folding Angle from bottom to bottom also creates a certain sense of strength.The rear of the car is more plain, and the middle of the taillight is connected with black decorative plates. Although this kind of design without any bright spots will not attract consumers all of a sudden, it will not be abandoned by The Times if it is simple.Inside the car, like ordinary electric cars, the interior of T03 is simple and decorated with two-color splicing. The overall atmosphere is still lively. From the design of color matching and details, it can be seen that its audience is more female.Details, all is the standard of 10.1 in control panel, under fangyuan air-conditioning outlet in chrome, in addition to the sense of science and technology to build is good, the fluency and functional integration of operation is also very good, support bluetooth phones, car navigation, networking, and other functions, also support the hkust fly 3.0 version of the speech recognition, a “hello, little zero” can control, easy to operate.In terms of space space, the length, width and height of zero T03 is 3620X1652X1592mm, and the wheelbase is 2400mm. The body size is in the mainstream level of the same level. However, as a mini car, it can not have too large requirements for the ride space.Power zero-run T03 has two power versions to choose, respectively, the maximum horsepower 75Ps, the maximum torque 155N·m, and the maximum horsepower 109Ps, the maximum torque 158N·m of the two types of permanent magnet synchronous motors, the NEDC endurance is 301km and 403km respectively, at the same time, support 0.6 hour fast charging,There is no problem whether it is daily use or emergency.Write in the last mini general intelligent configuration low impression to the person, a lot is considered to be “old car instead of walking”, while the zero run T03 broke the image, not only the top models have facial recognition, and L2 level intelligent driving assistant system, a bonus for it, also make it appear more competitive in one of the mini, while brand awareness may have to eat some kui above,But at a price of less than 70,000 yuan, it is still very attractive to consumers.