Chinese medicine plate active again, Longshen rong fa rose, to ridge pharmaceutical and other shares trading

2022-06-10 0 By

Traditional Chinese medicine plate 9 days after active again, as of press time, Longshen Rong fa rose 12%, to ling Pharmaceutical, qianjin pharmaceutical, China Resources Sanjiu, Essence pharmaceutical, jichuan pharmaceutical, Kangyuan pharmaceutical, Xintian pharmaceutical up more than 8%, all living beings pharmaceutical, Hongri pharmaceutical up more than 7%, Tongrentang, Guangyuyuan and other up more than 5%.Basically, since 2021, the implementation of policies supporting the TCM industry at the national level has accelerated significantly.The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has given guidance on the industry capacity and system construction.The National Medical Insurance Administration and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Medical Insurance supporting the Inheritance, Innovation and Development of TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine, calling for deepening the reform of the medical security system and supporting and promoting the inheritance, innovation and development of Traditional Chinese medicine.In terms of registration and approval, the state vigorously promoted the inheritance and innovation of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine. Both the number of registered and approved innovative Traditional Chinese medicine reached a record high, and the new drugs approved in 2021 were widely distributed in the field of disease treatment.But at the same time, the local alliance of traditional Chinese medicine collection is also advancing.Caixin securities said, looking forward to the opportunities of the Chinese medicine plate, after the general rise, the Chinese medicine plate market will be differentiated, it is suggested to pay attention to the three Chinese medicine subdivision directions with long-term growth logic :(1) innovative Chinese medicine;(2) Traditional Chinese medicine consumer goods with high brand value, strong policy immunity and sustainable price increase;(3) TCM formula granules with market expansion, high industry barriers and good competition pattern.Source: Securities times net author: Wu Yongfang Review: Tan Lugang