Zhang Chenguang live with goods was questioned grievance tears, now back to the screen, acting can come back?

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Old drama bone Zhang Chenguang went live with goods network red road, was questioned by netizens why not take drama grievance tears, now back to the screen, acting can come back?Not long ago, Zhang Chenguang appeared on a short live video channel and worked with a female anchor to sell alcohol.It is said that the live broadcast is selling very well and the turnover is huge.As a live newcomer, Zhang Chenguang can have such a result, is very good.But in the live broadcast, there were many of the same strange remarks, directly scolded Zhang Chen Guang to wipe tears.Many netizens feel that an old actor like Zhang should live in TV series and movies, playing different people’s lives, rather than acting as himself and selling goods in the studio.Some people even said that he was crazy about money and did not want to go back to filming when he saw money with goods.See these remarks, Zhang Chenguang several times lower his head to touch the tears, even the nose is like crying after the appearance of a reddish.In other words, Zhang Chenguang live with goods that period of time, just the epidemic is the most serious thing, the domestic cast all stopped shooting, these rely on the cast life of the actors, suddenly broke the source of income, can only rely on the popularity of goods to earn some extra money.After the live broadcast, Zhang gradually reduced the number of goods, but instead released his performance video on the short video platform, which reversed some of the rumors.Recently, “Our marriage” began, the show appeared zhang Chenguang figure, he played the Japanese father, a love daughter care granddaughter’s father set.Rest at home for so long, Zhang Chenguang’s acting has not retreated, his facial expressions and movements, are not bai Baihe and others can compare.In “Our Marriage”, the plight of stay-at-home parents is shown, while in reality, Zhang Chenguang also falls into the dilemma of whether to be himself or not. Their core has similarities and similarities, and they are trapped in a certain environment and forget the original self.We think, Zhang Chenguang live with goods should support?Welcome to comment!