Xi ‘an: In 2025, Beichen Avenue will achieve seamless docking weizhong Road, do you expect?

2022-06-09 0 By

See online: Gaoling another major good news, Beichen Avenue will be seamless docking Jing Wei Road, a total length of 7.4 kilometers, is now in the early stage of preparation.Construction is expected to be completed by 2025.Where do you know the source of this information?Is it true?This picture should be drawn by some we-media, not the official picture, right?Of course, if this is true, it would be great news for people here in Gaoling.However, from the map, Beichen Avenue extension, should be connected with jing Zhong Road, so it looks straight, basically in a line.This to beichen Road go to the end of the right turn can also reach jing Wei Road, this seamless docking, I have not seen what is going on?It must be a clerical error, missing a Chinese character, right?I think it’s the middle way.Looked on the net, last year some media have reported this, it is to build beichen avenue across the Wei River bridge, there is really this plan, as to say 2025 built, is also expected.I’m not 100% sure.We’re in the early stages of preparation, and if these are ready and construction starts this year, it could indeed be open by 2025.Weinan Road jing Wei Zhong Road, via Weinan Road Chi Street in Xitong viaduct is only four kilometers, connecting Xitong express lane, to the west, connecting Jia Lanchi Avenue, to the south directly through Beichen.O – type interconnection, household can also be directly connected to the high – speed.For gaoling, because working reason also often go to where, so the individual also hope to build the beichen road extension line across the wei river bridge, the bridge is completed, after from beichen road fast trunk road to high land, will greatly shorten the time, believe also advantageous to along the route of the real estate market development, the future may have more and more people choose in gaoling owning.Do you know the latest progress of the project and tell us when the construction will start?