“Wind from Luoyang” director Xie Ze with a new play to attack, Peng Xiao ran is a supporting role is high appearance level

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The wind Rises Luoyang, an adaptation of Ma Boyong’s original novel Luoyang, which aired in 2021, gained popularity once it was released.Although the drama’s reputation is extremely polarized due to casting problems, we have to admit that Ma Boyong’s writing skills and imagination are strong!In Ma Boyong’s Luoyang, not only the characters are alive, but also the rhythm is in place, giving the story not only skin but also soul.Ma Boyong used his writings to present a vivid Luoyang city of the Tang Dynasty.What is alive?It’s a space full of life and real people, not a gorgeous empty set!The most important feature of Ma Boyong’s Luoyang is that it has a luoshui running through it, constituting the trinity of architecture, human and water, which has exerted an important influence on urban life and the humanistic elements contained therein.Soft its edges and corners, embellish charm, this is the most worthy to explore and render unique.This “wind from Luoyang” hot broadcast in addition to the original author Ma Boyong’s credit bear the brunt of the direct director Xie Ze also contributed!His work, though not as good as Ma Boyong’s, is very careful and unique.Whether it is the costume, the pace of the plot, and the historical background in the plot, can make this drama called a good work!Now after “the wind from Luoyang”, director Xie Ze with a new play, is about to meet with everyone in front of the screen, the new play is not only adapted from the reputation of the heat of the ancient costume work, and the appearance level of the cast is also to make people admire!That is directed by Xie Ze adapted from the original work of the same name bai Bestie dream people bai Bestie dream people with the words of the pen tells the story of a big dream in the spring Bestie dream people, dreamers and dreamers do not know the story!Modern girl season tendran, once wear a book, to be able to return to the modern success, must complete nie Sang Yu’s wish, obtain the heart of male main jade Hou Ningyu xuan.Ziman is intelligent, quick-witted and kind, but he’s not a Virgin, has boundaries and rules, and doesn’t allow others to walk all over him.Originally just want to be an outsider, deal with in his harem, can not think of oneself unconsciously involved in the bureau, in this dream lost his heart story!Bai Lu cheng’s prose is exquisite and her narration is concise. Every word is like a chess game, one plot after another, layer upon layer.House fights + Machiavelli, let a person see breathtaking, deep-set among them!Such an excellent original story and director Tse’s presentation should not disappoint!On the choice of actors is played by small peng passed season she shoots in Peng Xiao ran can be seen in the previous work she is particularly suitable for this role, whether it is the east, who dare to love dare hate western zhou dynasty nine princess, although the down and out, but there are principles in front of love, do not allow others to trample, never compromise in the face of hatred!As well as in the “Jun nine ling” in the role of intelligent, courageous and courageous, with the mission of the princess nine ling, as if with the “spring bestie dream people” season tendrils have some similarities, I believe peng Xiao ran must be able to put the season tendrils deduce fresh three-dimensional, wonderful!In the male main choice of Ning Yuxuan is by the strength of the popularity of xiaosheng Ding Yu Xi played in the original male ning Yuxuan is not pleasing, he is cold and decisive, turn hands in control, but he is in order to power, everyone can use!I wonder if ning Yuxuan will be more likable after the adaptation!Although Xiaoding is young, his acting is also highly recognized by the industry.Whether it is “Qing Ping music” su Shi, or “Chen Qianqian rumors” in the xuanhu City on the surface of the weak and sick, the actual hidden strength of the little Main Han Shuo, ding Yu Xi was interpreted alive and vivid, I believe that the role of “Spring Bestie dream people” in the belly of the black Ning Yuxuan will not let people down!In addition to the two leading actors, the appearance level of the supporting cast is also super high!Not only is he Changxi famous for his role in “Painted Skin” in “Actors please Be in Place”, but happiness is within reach!In the brain circuit qingqi, careful left Yulin popular Yi Daqian as well as in the “Flower of the Thousand Bones” in the role of big kill four of the six first beauty kill Qian Mo Marco and many other high appearance level actors to join, I believe that this “spring bestie dream people” should be a worthy of looking forward to the drama!Now this film “Spring Girl in dreams” as early as May 17, 2021 shooting, filming has been completed in September of the same year, now has been in the production of close to the end, will be able to meet you in a few days!However, this “spring boudoir dream people” no longer continuation of the previous costume market “sweet abuse” plot, but to light comedy, inspirational play mode to grow all the way season tendran.Not only has she and Ning Yuxuan from “happy enemy” to “bosom friend” love story, but also has the ancient commercial elements embedded, is also unique!So are you looking forward to this adaptation of Bai Lu Cheng’s double book of the same name “Spring Girl dreams people”?Do you expect peng Xiaolan and Ding Yu Xi such a CP combination?