Star way pull the moon: test drive low car overall feel

2022-06-09 0 By

Chery’s development and changes in recent years are still very big, and it is no longer a single product, cheap price, scooter and so on.At the beginning of the year of the tiger, I test drive its star way to the moon low version –2021 400T two drive star yao Pro version to the moon, the price is 193,900, such a price does not let me look forward to it more.Below I and you from all aspects to analyze it, so that you have a comprehensive understanding of it.From the appearance point of view, the overall design of the front face is very atmospheric, the front grille with three silver horizontal ornaments decoration looks more temperament.The two sides of the large lamp group by the middle of a long and thin through the type of lamp belt connection, open the lamp group, light up the whole front, looks full of energy.The function of big lamp group is very good also, far and near light lamp is tie-in LED light source, fog lamp group and daytime driving light are all ready also.From the side point of view, lines are concise and agile, very atmospheric.Suspension roof with luggage rack, so that free travel becomes more relaxed and convenient.Its body size is normal, the specific size is 4970mm*1940mm*1788mm, the body wheelbase is 2900mm.The bottom hub is 19 inches, which I think would be cooler if it reached 20 inches.From the point of view of the tail, the tail is like a trapezoid, the upper and lower structure is distinct, highlighting the temperament of sport, looking more young and fashionable.Through type taillight group with high brake light, lit after a strong sense of presence.As for the tech sense, even though I test-drove a lower-spec version, it also offers a sensor rear door.From the point of view of interior decoration, into the car, the first yi feeling is its texture, soft cortex feels very comfortable, and cleverly integrated into the design of wood grain material collocation, let a person at the moment a bright feeling.It also has a strong sense of technology, with a 12.3-inch central control screen and a 12.3-inch LCD instrument screen. It supports OTA upgrades in terms of functions.From the power point of view, the whole system is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine.However, the low-configuration car I test drive this time does not provide four-wheel drive system. If the car friends like four-wheel drive system, they can choose a higher configuration car.Its maximum power is 192kW and maximum torque is 400N·m.During the whole test drive process, I was satisfied with the start and speed. There was no feeling of lack of power and the overall smoothness. I did not feel tired after 20 kilometers.After the summary, I the test drive of the star and moon on 2021 400T two drive star yao Pro version of the moon, personal feel that the general household functions can be met, but the system requirements of high car friends, can also choose to configure high models, of course, the price has also increased.