Shangqiu people will soon be able to drink water from the Yangtze River

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Recently, the reporter walked into jiangjihuai (Zhecheng section) pipeline connection construction site, composed of more than 20 workers of the Party members service commandos are busy laying pipelines, paint solid joints, earthwork backfill, the process operation in an orderly manner, a school of construction scene in full swing.It is reported that the Yangtze River and Huaihe river diversion project is one of the 172 national major water-saving water supply projects, the construction of the Zhecheng section of the project includes the main engineering qiliqiao reservoir and pump station and pipeline paving, etc..At present the reservoir and pump station have been basically completed, pipeline paving is under way.At the paving site of Dawu Township in this county, due to the fact that the left side of the project is close to the provincial road and the right side is close to the central village, the construction area of the project is not enough.The engineering department decided to adopt the steel plate self-protective pavement scheme instead of the traditional slope construction, which was shortened from the original 100 meters wide operation surface to 9 meters.”We are now in the steel plate self-protection device paving site, a total of 9 meters of operation surface, the length of 500 meters, can effectively solve the construction of the northern provincial road, the southern village plate housing protection problem.We are racing to complete the project within half a month.”Introduction of cheng Weifeng, minister of engineering department of jiangji Huaizhecheng Section five bid section.The project involves crossing the provincial road and underground pipe jacking construction of large buildings. The engineering Department dispatched a special technical team to carry out research on the construction technology of prefabricated caisson. The technical department participated in the whole process from steel production and design to final processing, and coordinated the work on site to ensure the progress of the project.Lead Jiang Jihuai zhecheng jingxin diamond for five blocks technology minister DuanMuFan bin said, pointing to the side of the H shape steel “this H shaped steel 12 meters in length, hole parts by our engineering department according to the needs of construction design, customized to meet the technical requirements of precast caisson construction, and the latest technology on the water conservancy engineering application at present, domestic can greatly reduce the investment, shorten project period.””We did not rest during the Spring Festival. We worked against time.We are confident that all construction will be completed by the end of June this year.The smooth completion of the project, can let the eastern Henan people drink the Yangtze River water, improve the water bottleneck and drinking water quality of the people in the central region, through the national project construction, let the people feel the real sense of gain and happiness.”Henan Province water conservancy First engineering bureau diversion jiangji Huaihe South section project department deputy chief engineer Liu Xiaojiang said.Source: Henan Daily client editor: Xiaoyu