Lam ka-tung was nominated three times for the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards, competing with his father Nicholas Tse for best actor

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“Last year, the 40th Awards ceremony was postponed by one year. We can’t afford to postpone it by another year. It’s not healthy to keep overrunning the awards for two years.The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards, which should be held annually, has been postponed due to the epidemic, said Derek Yee, chairman of the Awards and a well-known Hong Kong film director.Just a few hours before I went to press, the nominees for the 40th Hong Kong China Film Awards finally surfaced. The belated list, though hard-won, is a testament to the achievements of Hong Kong films and a symbol of the future of Hong Kong cinema.Although the number of Hong Kong films has been reduced in recent years due to various reasons, the film types of Hong Kong films have been broadened, the film quality has been improved, and the shooting techniques have been improved. In the last two years, the total output of Hong Kong films is about 70.New directors are emerging, and outstanding actors are contributing their outstanding performances in various genres.There have been many great directors since the birth of Hong Kong cinema.The list of new directors for the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards is full of new films that have already been well known to movie fans.The five films included in the list are: Zhao Shanheng’s One Second, Chen Kin-lang’s Rolling cigarettes, Wen Nianzhong’s Make a Movie, Liu Hao-liang’s Removal of Violence, and Li Jun-shuo’s Drifting in Muddy Water.These seemingly unfamiliar directors have produced impressive results: “Muddy Water” received 12 nominations, including best film, only second to the smash hit, “Wisdom Teeth” by Lin Po-soi.Up-and-coming director Man Nian-chung, nominated for his first Time at the Hong Kong Film Awards, also received a best director nomination for his film Make a Good Movie.Chan kin-lang’s “Rolling A Cigarette” is already well known, and it brings lam Ka Tung, the lead actor, back to the list of best actor nominees.The impressive performance of the new directors shows the future of Hong Kong films.In the best actor nomination list, the name of Lam Ka Tung appeared twice.In addition to hand-rolled Cigarettes, Lam ka-tung was nominated for the Best actor Award for his role in Wisdom Teeth.Additional, what making a person expect is less than is, Lin Jiadong is returned by right of behind-the-scenes creator to be shortlisted of current gold award nomination list.As one of the screenwriters of the film “Deus Ex,” he was shortlisted for best screenplay.The same is “Deus ex dusk”, Tse’s father Xie Xian, but because nominated for the current Academy Award best actor, and become Lin Jiadong’s strong competition.In the best actor category, the other two nominees were Yang Joong-heng (” Mama’s Amazing Boy “) and Oh Jin-woo (” Drifting in Muddy Water “).In the best actress category, the five nominees are: Zhou Xiuna, Wang Danni, Liu Yasui, Wu Junru and Gong Li.