Yongqi’s only daughter, grandfather Qianlong gave her a “ridiculous” title, fate sad

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What do you remember from your childhood?Most of the young generation can name a few TV dramas they must watch during summer and winter vacations when they were kids.When the song “When” is played on TV, then for many children the most happy summer vacation is coming.Yes, My Fair Princess was one of the most impressive TV dramas of its time.It is a film and television work written against the background of the love and hatred of the royal children in the Qing Dynasty. Among them, many people are impressed by the leading men and women wu Agge and Little Swallow in this film and TV series.The creation of film and television works does have some play, but there are indeed five agge yongqi in history, but for the prototype of little Swallow, there is really no clear record in various historical books.Many people are fascinated by yongqi’s willingness to love and hate as well as his mastery of all 18 martial arts in the drama, but the ending of Yongqi in real history is somewhat sad, and his only daughter is not treated fairly by Emperor Qianlong.Today, let’s have a good understanding of the real Yongqi in history.After “screening” confirmed Yongqi as portrayed in the film and television drama, Emperor Qianlong was really very important to yongqi.But this kind of opportunity is actually through the Qianlong emperor “layer by layer progressive screening” and come.As many people know from another explosive drama a few years ago, emperor Qianlong was on good terms with his empress Fucha.In 1730, Empress Fucha gave birth to their first child, Yonglian, for Qianlong.The birth of the child let Emperor Qianlong is the dragon Yan great anger, but also for The love of Yonglian, Emperor Qianlong in his birth just full one year old when he was passed down according to the ancestors of the primogeniture system to Yonglian crown prince.To know that the crown prince has always been the royal children and grandchildren will fight for the position, and one year old was awarded in ancient history is actually not much, can be seen qianlong emperor and fu Cha queen’s feelings of deep, to yong Lian is very baby.But good times did not last long, nine years old, prince Yonglian accidentally cold, from then on ill, so died.This thunderbolt gave emperor Qianlong a huge blow, and the departure of the heir to the throne, whom he had placed great hopes on, tortured the emperor unintentionally for many days.But eventually have to accept the reality, life will be yonglian to the royal prince specifications thick burial, but also specifically for Yonglian built the qing Dynasty built the only one prince mausoleum.After the couple gradually out of grief, Fucha empress in more than 10 years for Qianlong gave birth to a son – Yong Cong, but did not think that the emperor qianlong to rekindle the hope of the future succession of the emperor’s son more unfortunate, after birth only more than a year, also died.Although this rich check and Qianlong’s second emperor, Qianlong was not so anxious to reserve, but also in yongcong after his death to the burial specifications of the prince let it be buried, and he was arranged in the prince’s mausoleum with his brother Yonglian companion.Empress Fucha, who had suffered from the loss of her children, was so sad that she fell ill and finally went to accompany her two sons in person after suffering a cold.His wife qianlong temperament at some big changes, he ordered all the prince must be in the rich was made in the front of the queen’s bawl in grief, but big prince Juan and three prince forever forever Zhang because not rich was made in the queen’s own son, so in the funeral showed no obvious salim capacity, more can’t cry out.When emperor Qianlong learned of the behavior of his two sons, he decided that they were extremely unfilial and did not have any potential to become future Kings, so he removed them from the list of potential candidates early on.Wenwu both five prince yong qi qi is a forever can Wen Huiwu well-rounded talents, not only the life is very clever, dozen small modesty and eagerness to learn more, ten teachers and share in the qianlong love, just at the time of emperor qianlong, may already have also upon the son of a rich and they write, so not yong qi too much attention.As the crown prince, Yongqi also took the initiative to learn the Mongolian language in addition to manchu and Chinese, and is also very outstanding in martial arts, archery and other skills.And the yongqi after this gives oneself to save Qianlong’s experience, it is to let Qianlong affirmed this future monarch in his heart.Once, emperor Qianlong came to the Qing Palace of the Old Summer Palace for a lunch break after lunch, but I don’t know what happened, the house unexpectedly caught on fire.But the sleeping Qianlong did not notice.Is in panic everywhere shout, Yongqi learned that his father is deep in the sea of fire, he is not in front of the chess with friends in the act, hurried away to save the Old Summer Palace.He took advantage of his agility and chose to enter through the side of the window, which was not too hot, and carried Qianlong out of the dim confusion.After this time life and death test, Qianlong is more to this five emperor son more value.But when qianlong secretly decides to want to cultivate this heir well, Yong Qi suffered from unfortunately however add bone gangrenous.In fact, this disease is not uncommon in the ancient royal family, which is to say that the royal family for “pure blood” requirements.It is because of this tradition that many imperial sons were arranged to marry with close relatives, and this is the main cause of the disease, so many royal families suffer from this disease.In order to encourage Yongqi to overcome the disease, Emperor Qianlong made him the Prince of Hesuo Rong, so that the emperor’s heart for Yongqi was also clear to everyone in the court.However, Yongqi eventually failed to overcome the disease and died at the age of 26.Yongqi’s Family According to historical records, Yongqi had three wives and concubines in his life.Among them, his marriage with fujin is actually in a “family marriage” meaning.Mianyi, as we all know, was born to Yongqi and his side-fu Jin Suochuroshi, who was later also highly regarded by Qianlong.This is because Mianyi really inherited the quality characteristics of his father king, smart and studious, and in character is also very attractive.And is the side of yongqi Fu Jin is a famous family, qianlong period famous bachelor Yinghe but Mianyi’s cousin, in the dynasty is also very prestige, so Qianlong with this relationship is also more praise Mianyi.When it comes to Hu Shi, Yongqi’s concubine of three houses, there are no detailed records of her name and family, except that she was a commoner’s daughter.She gave birth to yongki’s only daughter.According to the rules of the Qing Dynasty, there were five levels of titles for a prince’s daughter, and according to qianlong’s title to Yongqi, her daughter should have been the highest monarch. However, Qianlong only gave her the second-to-last title of “Xian Jun”.In fact, Qianlong obviously looked down on the Mother and daughter of the Hu family. Even when Yongqi was alive, Qianlong had high expectations for him, but he still failed to meet the traditional concept of “matching families in equal rank” under the feudal thought.Only to know that yongqi, the only daughter, was married to Mongolia by Qianlong. After that, there was little news, and qianlong did not care about her life.