Yangdian Town, Urban-rural Integration Demonstration Zone (High-tech Zone) of Sanmenxia city: Observe and learn, set benchmark and encourage people to improve

2022-06-08 0 By

Henan economic newspaper reporter Ding Guangzhan trainee reporter Wang Dun correspondent Zhao Chenhan Peng Hongyong frequently spring to early, the start of a new chapter.In order to further broaden the work ideas of town and village cadres, go out, learn advanced, find gaps, seek breakthroughs, boost the improvement of human settlements environment to achieve new results, February 15,More than 100 people from Yangdian Town, the demonstration zone of urban-rural integration of Sanmenxia City (high-tech Zone), including members of the organizing team, heads of relevant departments and cadres of towns and villages, visited Yinzhuang Town, Jiaocun Town and Hangguguan Town of Lingbao City to learn about the improvement of human settlements environment.In the morning, the delegation visited Tangyao Village of Yinzhuang Town, Xiangguan Village, Luojia Village, Yaojiacheng Village of Jiaocun Town, Xizhai Village, Dongzhai Village and other villages to observe and study.Everywhere they went, the delegation listened to the introduction of their work experience, and learned the highlights and experiences of the long-term system establishment, cleaning team management, funding sources, garbage transfer, and the promotion of public awareness in the improvement of human settlements.The delegation learned while walking. When they saw the smooth and clean roads, orderly houses, rich cultural walls, and the garden surrounded by trees, which complement each other and form a unique rural style, they were deeply touched and full of praise.After the end of the observation, the town immediately organized the promotion of the renovation of the living environment.On the meeting, partial group member and village branch secretary made a speech, talked about experience.”Through observation and learning, we broaden our vision, find the gap, while emancipating our minds, sum up experience and set a benchmark for learning.The next step, we should combine the actual situation of each village, full energy, advance with The Times, solid progress in the implementation of the living environment renovation work, create a ‘Avenue Yang Shop, beautiful home’ new situation.”Yang Dian town party secretary kind Of Kaiming said.