“Wine line the world” the difference between the beginning of the implementation standard GB and Q of liquor

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Basically all goods have standards, standards and liquor mainly include “GB” and “Q” two kinds of the beginning, and execute standard GB and Q difference lies in different levels in the beginning, belongs to the national standard “GB” at the beginning of, and “Q” at the beginning of belong to the enterprise standard, looks higher status in the national standard, but generally enterprise standards stricter than national standards,GB is the lowest standard.”GB” means the national standard, which can be divided into mandatory execution and recommended execution. Mandatory execution regulations must be followed, and recommended execution regulations are voluntarily adopted. “GB/T” in liquor is recommended execution, and “T” means recommendation.”GB” is a national mandatory standard.”Q” is the meaning of enterprise standards, mainly for the implementation of internal production standards, and is customized by the enterprise standards.The difference between the execution standards of liquor GB and Q lies in the different issuing units. “GB” is customized and issued by relevant national departments.”Q” is customized by the enterprise itself, which only needs to be recorded on the relevant platform.However, the national standard can be used throughout the country, and the enterprise standard can only be applied to the enterprise products.Generally speaking, the requirements of the enterprise standard is higher than the NATIONAL standard, that is to say, if the quality of the wine can not reach the national standard, it is really unqualified, but to reach the national standard but not necessarily to reach the enterprise standard.For example, the iconic baijiu feitian Maotai, Dong Jiu, but the implementation standards can only show whether the standard, and can not explain the quality of the wine, only provides a lower limit, no upper limit, this is why dozens of dollars of wine, with thousands of dollars of wine, the implementation standards can also be the same.In addition to “GB” and “Q”, there are also “QB/T”, which is recommended by the State Administration of Light Industry and belongs to the national standards implemented in the industry, but usually abolished after the introduction of the national standards.”DB” is a local standard, which is a unified implementation standard within a certain region introduced by a local (province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Government).※ To share a good and inexpensive Jiuhe wine, the entrance is not hot throat, drink more than the head, empty cup overnight fragrance, interested wine friends can know about it!※ Please click below the title “wine line world” attention!Please retweet or share this article by clicking on the upper right corner!The most comprehensive knowledge of wine and liquor culture, discuss wine culture with you, enjoy that freedom and carefree in the world of wine!