Paying tribute to Stephen Chow’s The Deer and the Cauldron, will Little Tiger Dun Heroes become the light of Chinese comics?

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The Chinese New Year movie “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” topped the box office. However, in the Year of the Tiger, we want to bring our children and family to watch the joy of Amway’s “Heroes of the Tiger”.Chubby small round face, lovely big eyes, wearing a tiger hat, is really too appropriate, especially to see last night spring evening small sa tiger head modeling, serious doubt he is COS tiger dun, do not believe?See below.Don’t look at xiaohu Dun looks simple and honest, he is super glib, the folding fan to take in his hand, talking about storytelling, elate let the audience, a face of surprise.Of course, this is just one of the skills of xiaohu dun, his most powerful skills, is running, as long as a fly out, not only huhu Shengwei, even their own are difficult to control.He shouted, “Here comes the tiger and the red guard.” He ran into the uncle carelessly and knocked him over the cliff.This is his strength and weakness, no less trouble and jokes, for this, his parents, no less worry, he did not less buttocks bloom.This true “bear child”, has a small dream to be a biaoshou, it is because of this dream, let him stand up.On one occasion, the shopkeeper gave tiger Dun a darts task, he told tiger Dun: as long as you become a biaoscher, your parents will come back.Voice just fell, the tiger pier immediately to strength.After all, he hadn’t seen his parents in a long time.So, the tiger pier readily accepted, he promised so readily, the shopkeeper in the mind a little murmuring, after all, this is the tiger pier darts for the first time, how many people are a little uneasy, he found Yang total dart head together.Tiger pier a listen, idol to accompany their own, second to become a fan brother.However, the years is to kill a pig knife, when the commanding Yang total dart head, now become a fat man with a paunch, he can shoulder the heavy task of dart?Middle-aged greasy total biaoshi + Tiger pier this seemingly unreliable partner, opened their ultimate goal, the whole joy atmosphere pull full value, tiger pier did not joke less.For example, with Yang zong Biaoshi to learn sewing, accidentally sewed the sole in his own body.The process of a dart is an adventure journey, xiao Hu Dun has a lot of fighting scenes in the play, how to do the action smoothly, let this play become a martial arts animation, it is a difficult problem for the main creator.They studied a lot of live action martial arts movies, for example: how the masters fight, how they fight.It took three months for the preliminary stage, three months for the post-production, and more than half a year for the shooting.The sincerity of the creative team, the production is excellent, to meet your expectations of the fight scene.The day of licking blood on the tip of the knife, tiger dun and the bad guys fight, recruit exploded.The hardships encountered along the way, Xiao Hu Dun in continuous learning, got growth, he understood that to realize the dream, you have to adhere to the brave.In him, you can see the good qualities of Chinese children.Was he not afraid, in the beginning, when he met a precipice on his way, and his life was on the line several times?Of course he was, but the thought of sending darts and being reunited with his parents made him put up with it.In the desert, encountered a sailboat killer, before he had time to start, was blown away, there is a scene of grey Wolf’s name “I will come back” battle.Distance to see parents reunion, there is the last pass, is tianshahui, in this pass, tiger dun met an unprecedented enemy, how to resolve the master, is a test for him.Any difficulties, in front of the reunion, are floating clouds, in this process, xiaohu dun has been tempered and growth.Growth is the core of Chinese animation, gunner is a unique career in China.In the play, biaoju in Pingyang town, shanxi Pingyao ancient city and moraine town as the prototype, from pingyao local biaoju museum to find inspiration, let xiaohu Dun darts, bet reasonable historical research.In addition, influenced by Stephen Chow’s films, director Tseng jingxiong has incorporated comic elements into his animation, especially the part where Little Tiger Dun talks about pingshu, a tribute to Stephen Chow’s The Deer and the Ding.In the play, xiaohu Dun loyal protection darts, forge ahead, outside the play, the creators have also experienced ninety or eighty difficult, nearly a hundred people’s team, from the first version of the story, to the final draft, modified dozens of versions, only in order to integrate traditional culture into the animation, really do education in fun.From Ne Zha, Jiang Ziya and Little Tiger Den Heroes, China Comics has shown us the rigor and focus of their design. As director Li Wei said, “Animation is very hard, and it is a work that needs to endure loneliness and be carefully honed.”Can endure loneliness, just enjoy the prosperity.Seeing the gradual rise of Chinese animation in recent years, it is the result of the efforts of countless animation people. Fortunately, the future of Chinese animation is no longer one person’s desperate efforts, but a group of people’s all-out efforts.Hope the future of Chinese animation, better and better, to make more and better, belong to their own original animation.# movie Xiaohudun big hero ## Why is xiaohudun big hero the first choice for family